Out of the past 7/18/02

Thursday, July 18, 2002

10 years ago: July 18, 1992

Claude "Nip" Kelly recently opened Sprigg Street Service Station/Convenience store at corner of Sprigg and Themis; Kelley remodeled building in August 1990; it was used as Greyhound bus station until mid-1991.

Marble Hill - Construction of municipal pool will start in two weeks, without blessing of mayor; Adrian Shell, who was elected in April, insists money endowed to town for building pool is being misused because complex housing municipal offices will also be built with the money.

25 years ago: July 18, 1977

Only Cape Girardean to serve on Missouri Health and Medical Organization's board of directors blames federal government for not honoring commitments and causing insurance organization's financial crisis; Warren S. Hastings, Bumpa-Tel, Inc., president, says his company could be responsible for about $20,000 in unpaid medical bills with MHMO's demise; he notes that he wouldn't have switched his employees' insurance to Sikeston-based firm in 1975 if U.S. Health, Education and Welfare Department hadn't guaranteed company would receive three-year subsidy.

Final roof truss has been installed at Central High School Physical Education Building; upper level of new facility isn't expected to be completed until Oct. 15, but lower level should be read for use when school opens this fall.

50 years ago: July 18, 1952

Louis W. Bahn has applied to city for permit to construct tourist motor court on north side of Highway 61, 300 feet east of northern city boundary; property is zoned for other uses, and hearing will be held by city board of adjustment Tuesday; project is estimated at $14,000 and calls for one-story residence and four motor court units.

Aided by evening's hot sultry weather, Ladies' Aid ice cream social on lawn at West Side Church of God reaps large attendance by ice cream cravers; women sell out of homemade ice cream and about 20 home-baked pies and cakes; about 10 gallons of ice cream are consumed.

75 years ago: July 18, 1927

Authorities are puzzled by apparent attempted assassination of Cape Girardeau youth on Bend Road, two miles north of Cape Girardeau, yesterday morning; while sitting in automobile short distance off highway, where several youths had congregated short time before, Orville "Buc" Boswell, 18, was shot in left shoulder by unknown assailant, who emptied automatic revolver at crowd; no one else was hurt.

City council orders collection of all license fees, assessed against different occupations, and where payment is refused, orders suits to be filed; it is revealed that, although city ordinances call for license tax to be paid by those in various occupations, this isn't done on large scale, and greater part of them haven't been paid in years.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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