Speak Out 07/18/02

Thursday, July 18, 2002

CONCERNING THE proposed increase in taxes on tobacco products in Missouri: Tennessee has increased so-called sin taxes on tobacco and alcohol products and raised the state sales tax. Missouri would profit from surrounding states by leaving the sin taxes alone. If I lived close enough to the Missouri-Tennessee state line, I would be coming into Missouri to buy all of my groceries and household and personal items. I am not a smoker. But looking at the bottom line for revenue, I would not vote for an increase in sin taxes due to the fact that Missouri would get revenue to help fund the local economy from out-of-towners.

Better investigation

DEATHS OF infants very seldom get an in-depth investigation. They are usually written off as sudden infant death syndrome, which basically means an infant died from unknown causes. This is a very unacceptable cause of death, especially with today's investigative technology. I am a licensed embalmer with over 15 years of experience in this state, and I have seen this overlooked too many times by the law -- and not necessarily just the coroner's office, but the prosecutor's office as well.

Take bids on CVB

IF THE city is going to contract out the Convention and Visitors Bureau, should it not be open to bidders? There might be other agencies that might be interested in running the CVB. A five-year contract is too long starting out. Let's see what happens before years are added to the contract.

Trying times

A RECENT caller suggested that the university administration is doing a "phenomenal job" in the face of some very trying times. Trying for whom? Perhaps for students who will be trying to figure out how they can afford two tuition increases. Perhaps for non-tenured faculty or staff members who have lost their jobs or who are wondering when the pink slip will come. I have yet to hear any of the administrators at Southeast Missouri State University offer to take a cut in salary or benefits. That would be true leadership.

It's exploitation

MAYBE I'M looking at it the wrong way, but for businesspeople to try to exploit Christianity to make a profit is shameful.

Missouri's feudalism

YOU'RE WRONG again. What keeps Missouri's cost of living low is egregious exploitation of the masses by the wealthy. The privileged few live like medieval kings and nobles while most Missourians barely subsist in a manner similar to 12th century serfs. Missouri is nothing more than a large feudal manor.

Ultimate oxymoron

GIVEN THE recent behavior of corporations and companies, one wonders if you didn't make use of the ultimate oxymoron in a recent front-page headline: Christian capitalism.

That's not art

I THINK it's ridiculous that you published computer art. That is not the true art. Artists work from beginning to the end with palette to create. I cannot even imagine you wanting to put that in the paper and call it art. I come from a line of people who spent years getting their degrees and selling and having beautiful artwork. Shame on you. That's not artwork. That's computer objects.

Inappropriate coverage

I THINK it was really tacky of the newspaper to print the three deaths in Scott City along with the fallen troopers on the front page. I get sick and tired of some people thinking that firefighters and policemen are better than the rest of the hardworking people in the world. Other workers risk their lives every day too. We will go on working and not ask for handouts.

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