State officials report campaign funds

Thursday, July 18, 2002

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Gov. Bob Holden, who faces re-election in two years, is already stockpiling campaign cash.

The Democrat's money on hand grew more than six-fold in three months, from just under $20,000 in April to just over $132,000 in late June.

Holden reported collecting almost twice as much as the donations received by his fellow Democrat Claire McCaskill, the state auditor who is facing re-election this year.

Eighty of Holden's 379 donors during April, May and June gave maximum legal individual donations of $1,175 toward the August 2004 primary.

Those donors may give the same amount toward the November 2004 general election, if Holden is renominated.

No Democratic challengers have surfaced, and Missouri's recent incumbent governors have been spared from costly serious primary challenges.

Holden reported spending almost $42,000 during the quarter, including payments to professional fund-raisers, according to reports from statewide constitutional officers filed this week with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

McCaskill is the only statewide official in the Statehouse facing an election this year. She is unopposed in the Aug. 6 Democratic primary, but will face Republican and Libertarian candidates in November.

McCaskill reported raising just over $85,000 for the quarter, with about $374,000 on hand so far for the primary. She may accept new maximum contributions for the general election after the primary.

Snapshots from quarterly campaign reports by other statewide constitutional officers:

-- Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell: The Democrat received almost $34,000 in contributions and has about $107,000 on hand.

-- Secretary of State Matt Blunt: The Republican got $51,000 in contributions, with nearly $110,000 on hand.

-- Attorney General Jay Nixon: The Democrat was the least aggressive statewide fundraiser, collecting one $500 donation. Nixon reported about $77,000 on hand.

-- State Treasurer Nancy Farmer: The Democrat collected $7,700 in contributions and had almost $61,000 left on hand.

The statewide officials' campaign finance reports must be filed electronically with the Ethics Commission. The reports may be viewed at the commission's Internet site.


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