Letter to the Editor

Phonies steal honor; heroes took the bullet

To the editor:

Why are we letting the phonies steal our honor? We took the bullet while they take the honor.

Real heroes almost never talk about their combat days. The ones who do so much talking want glory and publicity.

The fault lies in our culture. We have been told so many lies by the phonies that we now accept these people as being normal.

I have tried to expose the phonies, but no one seems to care. The servicemen who gave their lives for this great country are being degraded by phonies.

I am a veteran of the Korean War. I served my country because I wanted to do so. I will not be threatened or disgraced because I do not support impostors. Anyone who supports a phony should be exposed also. If you support a phony, then the question is, Why?

I stand firm on my right to give honor to those men who gave all for their country.


Cairo, Ill.