Speak Out A 07/12/02

Friday, July 12, 2002

Spectacular display

I JUST left the downtown area where I viewed one of the most spectacular fireworks displays ever here in Cape Girardeau. I'd like to compliment the Downtown Merchants Association, all the sponsors and everyone who had anything to do with that. I really appreciate it from my family's standpoint. I just hope that they continue doing it. We really do appreciate it.

Thanks for fireworks

THANKS, Jackson Jaycees, for our spectacular Fourth of July celebration. Special thanks to the city employees for keeping things clean and in running order. Thanks to the Boy Scouts for their cleanup detail. Thanks again, guys.

More for everything

TO ALL those who think the gas tax is a good idea: Get ready to start paying more for everything you buy. Our economy is based on oil now, not gold. If you raise the price of gas, it will raise the price of everything you buy. Business will pass on the extra cost to consumers. Think before you vote yes. Besides, do you really think we are going to see any of the benefits of this tax in Southeast Missouri?

Seeking responsibility

WE'RE NOT asking our kids and grandkids to pay for prescription drug benefits for seniors. We're demanding that some odious prescription drug company practices (price gouging, keeping generics off the market) cease and desist, that they clean up their act and that they exercise a much higher level of corporate responsibility. If they do not, the ever-increasing groundswell of senior citizen voters will see to it that the legislation drug companies have lobbied against -- effectively, to this point -- will become the law of the land.

Religious diversity

THIS IS not a Christian nation. It is a secular society founded on the principles of prohibition against government interference with the free exercise of religious belief and legal practice. The Founders would be proud of the ever-growing diversity of religious faiths in America and, even though Christianity is the predominant religion, abhorred by suggestions that we are a Christian nation and the corresponding implication that we do not welcome or perhaps even tolerate other faiths.

On behalf of children

AS A single mother, I have fought hard for the rights of my child to receive child support. I assumed that the state and elected officials fight for our children as well. I see the same games being played by deadbeat fathers. Because the system failed to research the situation, I was able to obtain the information myself and have Child Support Enforcement take over. I found out that, given the correct income information, my child was entitled to over $100 more a month. I was then told some judges seldom approve such increases in child support, even if they are uncontested. I was informed I would need to hire an attorney and go through the process all over again. I urge everyone to look into this, especially when re-electing our judges. I want to elect a judge who has our children's best interests in mind.

No loud fireworks

I WANT to see the kids have fun with fireworks galore, but keep the loud, explosive fireworks out of the city. This is no place to shoot loud fireworks. If they want Roman candles, sparklers and things like that, I'm all for it. I'll be right there to celebrate with them. But to have loud fireworks in the city limits is annoying.

Dangerous fireworks

I JUST came in the house after again going through the ritual of hosing down the house and the outbuildings with water on the Fourth of July. To make matters worse, the people across the street are having a huge drinking party. This makes everyone more careless than they normally are. They do this every year. It goes on until after midnight. When I have visitors in from out of town, they can't believe the ignorance of Cape and Jackson. At least Cape has stopped the bottle rockets, but Jackson is still in the Dark Ages allowing all of this to go on, damaging property, injuring people and terrorizing the neighborhood.

THE AIRPORTS are not secure at all. When anybody can walk in with guns or knives and start shooting, there's something wrong. My daughter has to fly today from Myrtle Beach, S.C. Nothing had better happen to my daughter. No telling what I would do.

It's terrorism

WHEN AN Arab man walks into an airport and starts shooting at the Israeli airline, don't tell it's not terrorism. It is terrorism.

THE NEWSPAPER said 5,000 people attended the fireworks in Cape. There were a lot of people who sat around town, especially in the downtown area, and didn't walk to the river so they could see the fireworks and still be about to get away from the crowd when it was over. There were at least that many more who sat around town watching. It was a very good display.

Street art

I JUST want to let everybody know they need to go by a house on William Street between West End Boulevard and Louisiana Street that has the face of the Statue of Liberty on it and it is just beautiful. It's just the face, and there's a tear coming out of her eye. I think it's worth everybody's drive just to go by and see it.

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