Letter to the Editor

Republicans - No compromise on cloning issue

Thursday, July 11, 2002

To the editor:

Senate majority leader Tom Daschle continues to use his position to stalemate Republican bills and nominations. He is completely out of touch with what citizens want. Why would he go against the wishes of the majority of citizens on such important issues as human cloning?

Daschle promised to bring the cloning issue before the Senate for debate after the Memorial Day recess. It now appears the debate is off and a big compromise is in. Republicans -- including Sen. Sam Brownback, sponsor of a bill to ban all human cloning -- have conceded they are willing to vote for a two-year moratorium on cloning rather than a total ban.

This is a total cop-out on the part of the Republicans. Could they be hoping that in two years citizens would be brainwashed into believing that therapeutic cloning is right?

I think it is time for citizens to contact their representatives and tell them this is an election year, and we won't take it anymore. It is time for Republicans to stand firm and refuse to compromise.


Benton, Mo.