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Wednesday, July 3, 2002

  • Bicentennial Mural: This 40-by-22 foot mural at the corner of Fountain and Broadway depicts the founding of Cape Girardeau. It was dedicated on the city's 200th birthday in 1993.

    Jake Wells Mural: Located in Kent Library at Southeast Missouri State University, this 38-foot-by-20-foot mural is one of the largest indoor murals in the state. Figures on the mural include railroad workers, farmers, early settlers and American Indians.

    Welcome to Cape Girardeau Mural: This mural is located on the Mississippi River side of the floodwall between Broadway and Themis. The mural begins its chronological narration with the American Indian on the south end on to Louis Lorimier's Red House, the first residence in the area.

    Missouri Wall of Fame Mural: This mural appears on the floodwall in downtown Cape Girardeau and features 45 famous people who were born in Missouri or achieved fame while living in the state. The mural features Harry S. Truman, outlaws Frank and Jesse James and author Mark Twain.

    Port Cape Restaurant Mural: This Coca-Cola mural was discovered in 1978 when the old historic downtown building was being sand blasted. The local Coca Cola Bottling Co. had it restored to its original appearance.

    Riverfest Mural: The Riverfest is defunct but the mural remains. The 720-square-foot mural is on the west side of the C.P. McGinty building and can be seen from the 100 block of North Spanish Street. The theme is the Riverfest, which used to be held each June. The images incorporate some of the activities -- air shows and sidewalk jazz.

    River Heritage Mural: This 17-foot-by-28-foot mural, directly north of the Port Cape Girardeau Restaurant, symbolizes the history of Cape Girardeau as a river city. This contemporary-styled mural has a modern appearance and was completed in 1986. The mural showcases the Mississippi River, riverboats, and the historic Port Cape Girardeau building, which was used as General Grant's headquarters during the Civil War and by bootleggers during Prohibition.

    Silver Coronet Band Mural: The Heritage of Music mural is located on the west side of the Shivelbine Music Building. The mural celebrates the musical history of Cape. The musicians shown are based on a historic photograph of Schuchert's Silver Cornet Band, which was active in the city during the turn of the century.

    History of Medicine Mural: This 72-by-11 foot mural is part of the lobby at Southeast Missouri Hospital and shows important historical figures in medicine.

    Southeast Missourian Tile Murals: In 1947, two tile murals were installed on the east side of the Missourian building facing Lorimier Street. The south mural depicts images of the Gutenberg press, early Cape Girardeau publisher Col. Robert Sturdivant, and others. In the northern mural, editors and reporters gather news from a number of famous visitors to Cape Girardeau.

    Jackson Homecomer's Mural: The focus of the mural is the community's namesake, President Andrew Jackson. It also uses a blacksmith to symbolize Jackson's industry, a farmer and the Cape Girardeau County Courthouse.

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