Speak Out A 06/26/02

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

It's still pork

IS JO Ann Emerson working to lessen government waste and to spend your tax dollars wisely? She just brought $2.5 million in federal tax dollars to New Madrid, Mo., to build a sidewalk on the river to "promote tourism." Have you been to New Madrid lately? What a waste. Where are the conservatives when we need them? Pork is pork, even when it's frying in your own pan.

If one, then all

IF ONE subdivision is given TIF financing, why not all of them? What kind of precedent is set if it is only given to one subdivision when asked for by well-to-do people?

We're the worst

I READ Speak Out quite a bit, and I know that everyone is scared of the terrorists. We are all praying and asking for God to help us. But how do we expect God to help us when we are the country that commits the most sin? We lead in adultery, drugs and alcoholism. Our family structure is broken. We are concerned about money. How are our prayers supposed to be any good if we aren't willing to straighten up? We are worse off than any country out there.

Use bulldozers

I KEEP reading about all the fires out West, and I realize that many of these are in remote areas. But I cannot for the life of me understand why we never see or hear that they are using bulldozers to help fight the fires. It may have happened, but the media never show it. It is a pretty surefire way to stop a fire: dig a ditch instead of squirting the fire with a hose.

Taxpayers' money

I AM absolutely appalled to read the paper and see where U.S. Sen. Jean Carnahan is collecting almost $600 a week in compensation because she lost her husband. She claims she is there for the taxpayers, but that is a hoax. I hope this is remembered at the next election.

They're politicians

CITY OFFICIALS don't want the tax-increase issue on the November ballot because it is a national election date and there will be a large number of voters. They want to use a more obscure date where there is a smaller number of voters. These people are politicians and not for the democratic way.

Amtrak or Africa?

HOW COME we can send a hundred million dollars to Africa, but we can't do anything to help Amtrak?

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