Mayor asks court to overturn Cardwell board's impeachment

Friday, June 21, 2002

KENNETT, Mo. -- A civil lawsuit has been filed in Dunklin County Circuit Court by the man who was impeached and removed from office last month in Cardwell, Mo.

David Bishop wants the court to overturn his impeachment and removal as mayor by Cardwell aldermen. He wants to be reinstated as mayor.

Bishop's attorney, Albert M. Spradling III of Cape Gir-ardeau, filed the petition June 13. It names as defendants, the city and aldermen, Connie Risinger, Greg Mc-Grew, Kitty Burrier and Penny Stacy.

Bishop had served as alderman for six years before winning the mayor's post as a write-in candidate in the April 2 municipal election. He was sworn in as mayor and served in that capacity just a little more than a month when the board impeached him on a 3-1 vote and removed from office.

The petition states there was no substantial evidence to remove Bishop from office.

Aldermen wanted Bishop tossed out of office for such alleged offenses as reinstating water service to a resident delinquent on a bill, not giving two city employees proper notice of termination and allowing his son-in-law to work more hours than the they saw fit. After a charged, vocal May 13 meeting, the board voted to remove Bishop.

Subsequently, the board named Risinger mayor.

The lawsuit said the board did not take evidence, witnesses were not sworn in and only the charges were read.

It alleges the board failed to provide Bishop with proper due process as no "hearing" was held and no record kept of the proceedings, nor were separate charges voted on by the board at the May 13 meeting.

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