Speak out 6/18

Friday, June 21, 2002

Bus the students

I WONDER if the school board has given any thought to having the students not drive their cars to the new high school until this street work is finished. They could park their cars somewhere like Mr. K's parking lot or the old high school lot and be picked up there by bus. This would not interfere with the workers trying to get this street completed before winter time. This is a possibility.

Wasting our money

THEY'VE GOT to be kidding about a gas-tax increase. Has no one from the Cape Girardeau area seen the massive amount MoDOT has been wasting on the sound-barrier walls being built along I-55 and I-270 in the south St. Louis area? Nearly all the houses that are being protected by these walls were constructed after these freeways were constructed. If these homeowners didn't like the sound of freeways, why did they build near these highways? Why should we in Southeast Missouri spend our taxes to correct mistakes these homeowners made in locating their houses? Just how much money do we want to give MoDOT to waste on illogical projects as these?

Remember: It's free

ALL YOU people in Jackson complaining about your trash cans: I have some advice. At the end of the month, clean your trash cans thoroughly with strong detergent so they no longer smell bad. Line them with a good strong trash bag and throw in your trash. On trash day, tie the trash bag shut. Put the trash bag out by the street. Reline your trash can. Repeat the process for the next week. If you have problems with dogs or cats, put a huge dose of ammonia in your bags and call the police to report the loose dogs and cats. Jackson has an excellent ordinance requiring dogs and cats to be restrained. Then thank your lucky stars. Trash pickup in Jackson is free. Neighboring towns have a monthly charge of $12 or more.

Giving away money

IN THE last four days, my husband and I have received three different phone calls regarding fire decals for our children's windows, a retirement fund set up for the police and another call regarding smoke detectors for the less fortunate. If a person can't afford a smoke detector, how is he going to afford batteries for it? I will be giving to St. Jude's Hospital for the ones who really need my money.

Easy-to-roll trash

I'M OVER 80 years old, and I have a hard time getting my trash out to be picked up. I've got a trash can with rollers, and I intend to use it. If they tell me I can't use it, they can come and get my stuff. It's going to be one way or the other. Pick it up because I can't move it.

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