Speak Out A 06/21/02

Friday, June 21, 2002

Still footing the bill

THANKS TO the Catholic bishops conference, abusive priests will continue to be allowed to remain priests, the American bishops who reassigned the abusers will get to keep their jobs and the faithful parishioners will be privileged to continue to pay all their salaries. What a world we live in.

Budget advice

A LOT of noise is coming from SEMO University about their financial state. Trimming fat from government-funded institutions is always in order. Start with the top and go down from there. Getting competent contractors for capital improvements would divert a few cents in the right direction. Can the regents get people in there who are not consumed with the political good old boy syndrome and who will make hard decisions that will benefit students and the community?

In the driver's seat

HANG ON. It's going to be a rough ride. The drug companies are in the driver's seat.

In defense of arts

I'M GLAD to see the complete love of the arts shown by the comment in Speak Out. I'm positive that in your glory days in high school you had all the girls falling at your feet to be in your car on weekends for the pitiful cruise up Broadway as a pathetic example of how manly you were. Unfortunately, after years of working on the keg instead of the six pack, you find yourself relegated to summer-league play. You obviously can't face the fact that something of more significance than your lame attempt to retrieve that lost glory is taking precedence over new ball fields. Just remember that it's the band geeks and art nerds who eventually run things, not washed up jocks.

By any other name ...

IT'S ALSO true that in New Orleans organized crime is called politics.

Need trash tips

I LIVE in Jackson and have used ammonia to keep cats away. I have also used bleach, which was a bad idea. If the bag breaks or gets a small hole, the bleach can leak out and ruin your clothes. I would like to know if anyone has figured out a way to prevent birds from getting into your trash other than a trash can.

Made a good move

I NO longer live in Cape. And you know what? After reading all the whining and fussing going on in Speak Out, I realized that I don't miss Cape one bit.

At least it was fun

PATRICK CARR wrote a letter to the editor objecting to lights on the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge on the grounds that he thinks the lights will cause pollution and interfere with observations of astronomers. I consider the letter to be the best parody published since Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal." It was a hoot.

Smells like a rat

WHY ARE we still talking about a Cape route for I-66? The plans have already been studied, and the Kentucky route was found to be superior. Are more studies and more money going to change the facts? I smell a rat here. Is Cape putting self-interest above the good of the country? Maybe we're looking for a reason to justify building the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge to Nowhere. Soon we'll be known as Boondoggle City.

Job ambition

I AGREE with your editorial that small-time con man William Clark could have put his considerable talents to better use. He could have parlayed petty cash into millions had he become a major con artist -- a corporate CEO.

A better plan

THE ONLY people who have to pay the death tax are those with estates of $4 million or more. Am I supposed to feel sorry for the Kenneth Lays and other fat cats who pay this tax? If you repeal this tax on the fabulously wealthy, then Social Security and Medicare will be threatened. U.S. Sen. Jean Carnahan has the better plan. Jim Talent is a demagogue.

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