Letter to the Editor

Spay, neuter - Unwanted litters teach hard lesson

Friday, June 21, 2002

To the editor:

"Free for the taking" ads for kittens have been swelling in the past few weeks. It's sad to see so many unwanted puppies and kittens, mostly from mixed-breed animals.

Owning a cat or dog does not give us a license for negligence or carelessness.

If those of you who have had unwanted litters were to follow up on the pets you gave away, you might discover the hard lives many of them have faced, even though you thought you were finding them a good home. That is what happened to me, a one-time backyard breeder. My white shepherd had several litters. One day I learned a pup I had given away had been shot for aggressive behavior. After contacting the other few owners I knew, I learned many of the pups were killed or in poor care.

This lesson changed my attitude on spaying and neutering. I am ashamed of my past attitude and my pets paid a terrible price. Please protect your pets. Spay and neuter them.


Zalma, Mo.