10-minute interview - Ty Atchison and Cailey Perkins

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Question: Who has the biggest belt buckle?Ty: That'd be me.

Cailey: No, sorry, but it's me.

Ty: I don't think so. It's me.

What's it represent?Ty: Nothing really. It's just a lot of flash.

What's the story behind a fashion statement like that?Ty: Well, nobody has really big belt buckles. Just the wannabe cowboys. They have those big dinner plates hanging off their belts.

Cailey: Ours aren't even that big. Some of them, they're huge.

Let's play word association. I'll throw out a word and you tell me what comes to mind. First word: Eminem.Ty: Chocolate.

Cailey: The singer. (Ty laughs). Shut up, Ty.

Vanilla Coke?Ty: Vanilla Ice. I heard a Vanilla Ice song on the way here.

Cailey: Soda.


Cailey: Eeewww, nasty fish.

Ty: Things floating in the ocean.

Lifetime Movie Network?Ty: Chicks. Yeah, chicks.

Cailey: I dunno, movies I guess. (Ty laughs). Shut up, Ty. I don't watch it.

Ty (points at Cailey): She's a little mannish.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin?Cailey: An awesome wrestler.

Ty: I'd like to get in the ring with him and show him what a real wrestler is about.

Cailey: I don't think so.

Clowns.Cailey: Ty.

(Ty scoffs.)

Who was scared of clowns as a kid?Cailey: I was. My mom bought me a bunch of little clowns to make me not be afraid of them.

Ty: I got in trouble for kicking a clown at a birthday party.

What, so the clown wasn't funny enough for you?Ty: Ahhh, those clowns.

Every sport seems to face a crisis at any given moment. What's the biggest crisis facing rodeos today?

Ty: It's hot.

Cailey: Very hot.

No hidden dramas? Any threats to go on strike?

Cailey: No strikes, but we do get pickets sometimes from the animal rights people.

Ty: You can't afford to strike when you're broke.

Steroid abuse?

Ty: Nope. But do you have some?

Any suspicions that any of the bulls or horses are gay?

Cailey: Absolutely. The bulls are always jumping up on each other.

When you're bouncing around on a horse, isn't that -- ahem -- painful at times?

Cailey: If you've been riding a while, you don't bounce a lot. But you can get hurt.

Ty: It can happen. You have to suck it up and go on. When it happens, you think you're gonna die.

Do you ever talk to animals?

Cailey: All the time.

Ty: Yeah. They talk back, too.

What do they say?

Ty: They're encouraging, but they know they have to be.

Cailey: They're good listeners.

Ty: I could really be a pet psychic. (Points to nearby cows). That one says he's hungry, that one says he just wants to stand there. It's not that hard. There is a horse psychic we know of. She looks into heir eyes and tells you all about them.

The best thing about high school.

Ty: Parties.

Cailey: Good answer.

Good stories there? Just a tame one.

Ty: Oh, you're making it rough.

Cailey: Hmmm, what can we say? I don't even know.

Ty (thinking). Can we pass?

The best late-night snack?

Ty: Cow tongue. I'm totally serious.

Cailey: Eeewwww. I guess you get to play with the cow tongue while you eat it.

The worst food you were forced to eat when you were little?

Cailey: Spinach. It's nasty. It looks like grass and it's slimy.

Ty: I liked everything.

Cailey: You were a weird kid.

Ty: I never had brussle sprouts though. I want to try those and see if they're as bad as everybody says. I could eat spinach. Popeye's my role model. He's cool.

Speaking of cool people, who was your hero growing up?

Cailey: Has to be She-Ra, the girl who played with He-Man. I had all the little dolls.

Ty (looking shocked): Whoa.

The better superhero: Superman, Batman or Spiderman?

Ty: Superman. He can fly. Spiderman can't fly, and Batman just has toys.

Cailey: I agree totally. Superman kicks butt.

The best superpower: Unlimited strength, being invisible or being able to fly?

Ty, in a mock tone: I already have the strengths. Then there's being invisible. .. what's the other?

Cailey: Flying.

Ty: Oh yeah, I'd fly. Definitely fly.

Cailey: I'd take the strength since I have none. I'd beat people up all the time, like Ty.

Ty: See how she is?

Cailey punches Ty in the shoulder.

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