Fit for Eternity team updates

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Here are updates from some of our Shape Up Cape competitors, the Fit for Eternity team from St. Andrew Lutheran Church. TERRI NOLAND

I just finished the six-week Biometrics program and am excited with the results. I lost 16 pounds and 17.5 inches overall. But I know I've lost more weight due to the Shape Up Cape motivation. I'm honest enough to know that I would have done what Biometrics called for and not much more. Thanks to Shape Up Cape, however, I've had to get my points every day, except Sunday, which is my rest day.

I've also been walking, which my dog, Cocoa, is thrilled about. She's a very good personal trainer in her own right, demanding her time even though I've already done other workouts. Thanks to Cocoa, I usually manage to get in my max 20 points per day. I've offered to lend her to some of my other team members who are having trouble getting points. GREG ROBINSON

I am still alive. How I accomplished that is known only to God. The elliptical machines at the gym have been giving me most of my points, interspersed with a little walking and some strength training. But now I expect more trips to the gym and more walking around the block, and it is getting easier. If only the miles and miles that I walk with my little baby would count for something, but alas, I doubt there's an allowance for "Living Room Pacing" and burping. Maybe next year.

Now I hope to take my workouts to the "next level" I keep hearing about. I dream about having the physique of people in the magazines I see in the stores. That distracts me as the cashier rings up the chocolate ice cream and potato chips. But the road ahead is long and runs into September. I only hope that the elliptical and the baby can take all the running.ROSALEE PLUNK

Even though I had been walking a couple of times per week, I now try to do something every day. However, I think Fit to Print should give Fit for Eternity a handicap. After all, they only have two people who are over the age of 35; we only have three people under the age of 35.

I have seen some results -- I find what was taking me 20 minutes to walk I can now do in 15. With back and feet problems, walking and limited strength training is about all I can do. I try to walk 30 to 60 minutes, but it's hard to fit it into an already busy day.

Being at Disney World last week, I could have gotten a lot of points if it had not been for the maximum of 20. This week I think my body and feet are rebelling -- it's harder to get up to do some walking before I go to work. JIM HICKS

When exercise feels too much like exercise, I find other things to do. When it feels like fun, the time flies and I can rack up my points.

My exercise of choice is basketball. For the last 14 years during the winter months, I play basketball twice each week with high school students from our church. It can be discouraging. Every year I am a half step slower and my jump is a tad lower. The high school students never lose a step. Their skills never diminish. But I bring something to the court none of them have. It keeps me in the game even though I have passed 50. It earns me my spot on the floor. I'm the only one with it: I have the key to the gym. Now, if I could only play basketball every day.PAUL SHORT

The main challenge right now is finding time for exercise in the midst of traveling to various conferences, on vacation, etc. But we just keep on running, or walking, as the case may be.JIM KELPE

Shape up Cape has been a real encouragement to walk more when I'm out checking my cows, fences, etc., instead of riding my four-wheeler or driving my truck. I can actually put on a belt that I couldn't get cinched this past winter.

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