Speak out 6/14

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

No-tolerance policy

WHAT HYPOCRITES. Bishops should be protecting the innocent instead of placing these pedophiles before their victims. It's a disgrace sending these abusers to other dioceses to resume their filthy activities. It is a crime, especially in a church. A no-tolerance policy for this sick behavior is the only solution. Relocating and payoffs and covering up and silence have almost ruined the Catholic church. The decent, faithful priests in our country have to suffer. Poor leadership has let this go hidden for too long.

Need wheels on trash

THIS IS in response to the person who said trash bags are better in Jackson. I'm not physically able to drag 33-gallon trash bags to the front of my driveway for pickup. The reason I put them in trash containers is because the containers have wheels. Even if they are in the containers, I cannot physically take them out of the container. Not everyone in Jackson is able to drag or carry that much trash to the edge of the driveway. That's why we still need to consider keeping the trash in a container but having the trash in a bag in the container.

The rich can afford it

I WAS wondering why Gary Rust is so sucked in by the Republican misquotes about the death tax when it only affects people who make over $1 million. Those people have so many exceptions that they really don't have to pay anything if they have any kind of sense. I don't trust people who want to protect that much money when they're looking at cutting the school support and Social Security. Let's get our priorities straight here. Somebody's got to be taxed. For multimillionaires, a couple million dollars is not going to change their way of life.

Garbage mess

TO THE person who thinks the trash bags are better than garbage cans in Jackson: I do put out my garbage the morning of the day that the garbage is collected. Regardless, there are still dogs, raccoons, possums and all kinds of other critters that are going to get into these garbage bags. When it happens at my house, I'm just going to sweep the mess into the street and the city will have to deal with it. Garbage cans don't take any longer for garbage collection. I always bag my garbage in the cans. They can pull the bags out of the cans just as easily as they can pick them up off the curb. By going with bags only, they're only asking for a terrible mess in this city, and I'm not cleaning it up.

Clippard speeders

IS THERE a valid reason why a police car is always stationed somewhere around Clippard Elementary School? School's out, but the speed-limit sign says 20 mph. Cars are stopped every day, even on Sunday. The signs need to be changed. Right now it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Has anyone ever seen a car wreck in this vicinity or seen a child hit? The police need to concentrate on those running stop signs and speeding on Mount Auburn Road.

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