Speak Out A 06/19/02

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

CITY GOVERNMENT budget hearings are boring. Get off our case for not coming to them. We follow the subject in Southeast Missourian editorials and Speak Out comments and agree with you that we shouldn't start spending extra money we have saved up until there's an economic upturn. At the same time, we realize that when there is an economic upturn you will editorialize that there's no need to spend money we've saved because there is sufficient revenue.

Plan has its flaws

I'M SURPRISED Cape Girar-deau would even want to consider I-66 crossing the new bridge. That would mean that Highway 74 would become an interstate, and the city could no longer enforce the pitifully low speed limit and over-abundance of unneeded stoplights. What a loss it would be for the city revenue.

IN NEW Orleans, food shopping is often called "making groceries."

Yours or mine?

"WE LIVE by our preconceived notions," complained a Speak Out caller who wants us to live by his.

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