Speak Out A 06/18/02

Monday, June 17, 2002

THIS IS in regard to the tuition at SEMO University. University officials are crying about the budget cuts. Part of their job as an educators is to educate the people. All they've done over the last 10 years is cry. If they had been doing their job 10 years ago, five years ago, they wouldn't be in the shape they're in now, they wouldn't have so much fat and they wouldn't be crying as much. I don't feel a bit sorry for the university.

Thanks, governor

I'D JUST like to publicly thank Gov. Bob Holden for the double whammy on university employees and students. I really appreciate his cutting higher education budgets, causing university employees to be furloughed and, at the same time, creating a requirement for big increases in tuition.

IN A recent column, Gary Rust described the popular political science professor at Southeast Missouri State University, Peter Bergerson, one whose philosophy I share, as "an objective thinker." Since to me Bergerson is an unreconstructed liberal and Gary Rust is, --well, we all know what Gary Rust is -- how can he describe Bergerson as an objective thinker? I'm calling Mulder and Scully.

SO THE road to the new Central High School in Cape Girardeau will not be completed by the time school starts. Oh, well. At least it will be paved with good indentions.

Poor planning

GETTINGA street built is not rocket science. A lack of attention and foresight means needless inconvenience for the new high school. This could easily have been avoided.

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