New name for Clover Kids' 4-H camp honors its founder

Monday, June 17, 2002

More than 25 youngsters attended the Dortha's Day Camp for Clover Kids recently.

This was the third year for the annual event but the first under its new name.

Dortha Strack of Cape Girardeau started the Clover Kids camp three years ago.

Greg Ellers, a parent volunteer with the Young American 4-H Club, said, "This year, we decided to rename the camp in her honor."

The camp for youngsters between age 5 and 7 is designed to give pre-4-H'ers a preview of what to expect when they can join the regular 4-H camps. The regular 4-H camp is a three-day event during the summer for 4-H members.

Strack, who has been involved in 4-H for more than 40 years, came up with the idea of the Clover Kids Camp in 1999.

"We needed some activities that all ages could enjoy," said Strack. "The Clover Kids Camp provides this."

More than 25 youngsters have attended the Clover Kids Camp each year at the Cape Girardeau County Park, working on special crafts and projects, and working their way through a four-event physical education program.

It operated under the name of Clover Kids Camps its first two years, said Ellers, adding: "This year, we decided to rename the camp."

It is now officially: Dortha's Day Camp for Clover Kids, which was inscribed on T-shirts that were handed out at the camp.

This year's theme for the camp was "Clowning Around," said Ellers.

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