FanSpeak for Sunday, June 16

Sunday, June 16, 2002

No more fields

CAPE GIRARDEAU needs many things, but the one thing it doesn't need is another ball diamond.

Congratulations, Indians

MY HAT is off to coach Mark Hogan and the Southeast baseball team. They won the OVC, won the OVC conference tournament and beat Alabama in the postseason. Gaining exposure time and time again on ESPN and other national media outlets is invaluable to the university. And all of this, even though Southeast's administration, all too willing to take credit for the Indians' success, dropped the ball by not allowing the team to take full advantage of its scholarship opportunities.

A good ending

IT WAS good to see Mike Tyson lose. Maybe this will get him off TV and out of the papers for a while.

All about athletics

I WAS talking to a parent who sends their child to a private school. The only reason they were going to that school was so that their son would the member of an athletic team at a very successful school and had more scouts look at him. She said the only reason they went there was for the athletics. I asked what caused her to be interested in that school to begin with. She said it was when some of their booster club members talked to them about their son going there. I said, so he was kind of recruited. She said, "Oh yes, very much so." This new law by the state is going to finally make things fair.

Ideas for the Caps

MAYBE THE Capahas should try advertising some different promotions to get fans out to their games. Then it would at least be like a minor-league game atmosphere. We could use that here.

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