Everybody's a critic - 'Ya-Ya Sisterhood'

Friday, June 14, 2002

3 stars

"Divine Secrets" is an unapologetic "chick flick" from start to finish. It follows the relationships of not only four lifelong friends, but also the relationships between one of these "ya-ya's" and her daughter and husband. The story is told through a flashback/flash-forward style that is somewhat difficult to follow at times, but is still a very colorful way to allow the audience to get the true flavor of the personalities of the cast.

There are several moments in the movie that are emotional, but they seem very realistic glimpses into the ya-ya's' lives, not contrived movie nonsense.

In addition, there is a humor to the movie that allows a break in the emotional tension and lets the cast members laugh at themselves and the audience join in.

If chick flick is a movie genre you enjoy, I would recommend "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" without reservation.

-- Debra Rau, school counselor

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