Letter to the Editor

Group is looking for new leaders for Day of Prayer

Friday, June 14, 2002

To the editor:

One of the many things that makes me proud to live and serve in Cape Girardeau is the annual National Day of Prayer. Jack and Sherri Mehner have made a difference to enhance our quality of community life because of their leadership. They have made a difference to me.

Without question, this year's observance was affected by Sept. 11. Shirley Dobson, chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, said: "The American psyche was rocked by the horrific events perpetrated on Sept. 11, and many have sought meaning, security and spiritual comfort in its wake. It's no surprise that Americans have drawn closer to God as our country's forefathers did when faced with unseen enemies and unrest."

Sherri and Jack have announced they will no longer coordinate these prayer-filled activites. We will miss their spiritual leadership. The Rev. Bill Mazat, president of the Cape Ministerial Alliance, and several concerned members of the clergy are considering ways to develop new leadership.

We need the National Day of Prayer for 2003. We also need a communitywide prayer focus for Sept. 11, 2002. We must pray toegehter as we ask God's blessing on our nation, state and communities of Cape Girardeau County.

As we prepare to celebrate our Independence Day, let each of us remember to pray. Let us pray that we will have opportunities in the future like we have had in the past to come together as God's people.


Senior Pastor

Centenary United Methodist Church

Cape Girardeau