Scott County tax liens

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Scott County tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Tom Dirnberger, Scott County recorder of deeds, during the month of May are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue except as indicated by IRS designation. For information concerning the dollar amount of the liens, contact the recorder's office at 545-3551.

Tax Liens Against:

Collins Lillian

M. Checkmate

Allied Health Properties

Joe D. Dollins

Philip E. Dollins

Ohio Pacific Express Inc.

Billy L. Estes

Kelley S. Beddow

Homestore Sales Inc.

Cornelia Rabey

Winstar Wireless Inc.

Antony N. Hunt

Eric L. Lambert

C.D. Alcorn Jr.

Debbie Zelenske, IRS

D.L. Ramsey Trucking Inc., IRS

Richard D. and Rebecca Whiffen, IRS

Pat. J. Hunter, IRS

Frank E. and Mattie O. Ford, IRS

Norwulf Industrial Inc., IRS

Mathew G. and Charlotte I. Margetta, IRS

Homer E. and Francis R. Warren, IRS

Tax Liens Released

Raburn Evans Glass Inc. (2)

Music Net Inc.

Bill W. and Ruby J. Freeland

Deborah Eftink

Chelsea Electric Co.

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