Cape County tax liens

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Cape Girardeau County tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Janet Robert, Cape Girardeau County recorder of deeds, during the month of May are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue except as indicated by IRS designation. For information concerning the dollar amount of the liens, contact the recorder's office at 243-8123.Tax Liens Against:

Cheekwood Studios

Denita L. Hartle

M. Checkmate

Marsha & Ed Thompson LLC

Jiaching Yee

Anchor Construction Group

Dennis Craft

M&H Pallet Inc.

Design Alliance Inc. (2)

Aaron J. Barrett

Kelly S. Beddow

Tamara Zellars Buck

Duschell Enterprises Inc.

Terry D. Glodo

Holcomb Investment Co.

Homestore Sales Co.

Paul Harris Retailing Inc.

Record Town Unc.

Rickards Inc.

Winstar Wireless Inc.

Hoche Barklage Co., IRS

Tax Liens Dismissed

Denita L. Hartle

Scott Watson

Asphalt Maintenance Sealcoat (2)

Tamara Zellars Buck

Rosetta Dollar

Liberty Concrete Inc.

Robert E. Degen (2)

Cape/Scott County Pork Producers

Deeles Inc.

Randol L. Eggiman, IRS

George W. Dean, IRS

TJ Enterprises Inc., IRS

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