Bankruptcies for June 2002

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Bankruptcies filed through June 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Allen, Martha L., Marquand, 10735

Anderson, Billy D. and Lori J., Dexter, 10691

Ates, Kevin M., Poplar Bluff, 10658

Backs, Patricia L., Cape Girardeau, 10741

Bailey, Daniel R. and Tammy L., Bell City, 10675

Barker, Kimberly D. and William A., Dexter, 10692

Barks, James R. and Lois A., Malden, 10664

Berry, John R., Bernie, 10686

Blake, Claudia E. and Johnny R., Malden, 10646

Brashears, Donna, Charleston, 10746

Bridges, Deborah K. S., Doniphan, 10696

Brown, Connie S., Broseley, 10666

Brown, Linda J. and Richard A., Doniphan, 10762

Brown, Michelle R. and Robbie T., Marston, 10722

Burgess, James I. Jr., Parma, 10663

Burnette, Joy M. and Larry S., Cape Girardeau, 10644

Cantrell, Charles E. and Stacey L., Advance, 10672

Caufield, Glenda R., Puxico, 10670

Chapman, Anthony W., Benton, 10641

Chubboy, Cindy S. and Matthew L., Jackson, 10683

Cleland, Laura J., Advance, 10700

Crain, Donna F. and Joe A., Braggadocio, 10724

Crowder, Brenda L., Campbell, 10748

Daniels, Sydney G. and Timothy L., Matthews, 10742

Davis, Tammy M., Birch Tree, 10665

Day, Kathryn A., Poplar Bluff, 10688

Deleev, Kathleen K., Cape Girardeau, 10669

Dickman, Joann, Jackson, 10654

Dobbs, Tracie L. and William D. Jr., Oran, 10727

Dye, Kim L. and Van D., Kennett, 10647

Elkins, Doris, Jackson, 10711

Farris, Gina K., Puxico, 10751

Francis, Harold G. Sr. and Jennita V., Canalou, 10639

Frazier, Elizabeth M., Neelyville, 10697

Fry, Jeffrey S. Sr., Sikeston, 10708

Gibson, Jill M., Oran, 10743

Gibson, Mary J., Campbell, 10715

Gibson, Timothy S., Campbell, 10714

Goering, Fenton L. and Melinda K., Sikeston, 10749

Gonzales, Michelle M., Morehouse, 10756

Goodson, Ruth E., Perryville, 10731

Graham, Justin S., Cape Girardeau, 10642

Gregory, Daniel E. and Sheri L., Dexter, 10730

Gross, James A. Jr. and Kristy L., Sikeston, 10757

Haertling, Kenneth, Old Appleton, 10769

Halter, William V., Benton, 10764

Hanley, Kristie G. and Shawn A., Poplar Bluff, 10659

Harrington, Kenneth G. and Mildred M., Charleston, 10747

Harris, Latiya, Poplar Bluff, 10736

Hayman, Ronald G., Fredericktown, 10728

Hayward, Russell W. and Tammy L., Cape Girardeau, 10702

Haywood, Jason T. and Salina J., Doniphan, 10737

Heaton, Billie G., Sikeston, 10678

Hendrix, Michelle R. and Scotty D., Advance, 10673

Hennen, Barbara R. and William F., Fredericktown, 10732

Henson, Rebecca L. and Timothy G., Bernie, 10648

Holland, Laura A. L. and Robert E. Sr., Fredericktown, 10712

Horn, Dana L., Dexter, 10750

Huber, Susan, Perryville, 10693

Hyten, Marie A. and Steve A., Benton, 10709

Jackson, Joann and Virgil E., Naylor, 10674

Jenkins, Deana L. and Thomas E., Harviell, 10689

Jenkins, Debra J. and Donald C. II, Cape Girardeau, 10723

Jolly Powell Farms, Inc., Catron, 10717

Jones, Tamela L., Cape Girardeau, 10766

Jurgovan, Jean A., Chaffee, 10676

Kellum, Leah D. and Randy D., Gideon, 10649

Kenchev, Minko P., Cape Girardeau, 10767

Kiefer, Jennifer L., Chaffee, 10770

Lively, Jerry C., Malden, 10739

Long, Charles F., Caruthersville, 10704

Long, Cynthia A., Fredericktown, 10734

Lovins, Frankie and Roy W., Marston, 10721

Lukefahr, Tina M., Perryville, 10718

Malon, Charles R. and Ellen A., Fredericktown, 10733

Mashburn, Robert E., Holcomb, 10651

Massey, Jerry D. Sr., Bernie, 10685

Mayfield, Donnie L. and Jami N., Dexter, 10637

McCain, Loyd D. and Nora G., Bernie, 10650

McClanahan, Carolyn J. and Christopher N., Naylor, 10694

McClanahan, Jenny L. and Patrick S., Jackson, 10745

McKnight, Connie S., Morehouse, 10720

Montgomery, Lisa L., Cardwell, 10652

Moore, Ricky J. and Vanessa I., Benton, 10706

Morton, Alisha J., Steele, 10761

Neal, Kathy C. and Steven M., Kennett, 10701

Neff, David A. and Debra K., Fredericktown, 10640

Oberman, Earl L. and Linda M., Chaffee, 10759

Osborne, Vester G., Cape Girardeau, 10771

Owens, Beverly J. and Dennis L., Jackson, 10667

Pakis, Volkan, Cape Girardeau, 10677

Paskel, Jeannie and Jimmie D., Bloomfield, 10729

Payne, Mildred A., East Prairie, 10707

Pender, Jacqueline S. and Jesse A., Frohna, 10725

Phillips, Glenda, Cape Girardeau, 10772

Proffer, Myra A. and Terry L., Campbell, 10698

Ramsey, Bessie L., Perryville, 10726

Reed, Diane E. and Richard J., Campbell, 10713

Reed, Malinda M., Cape Girardeau, 10744

Ressel, Roberta A., Cape Girardeau, 10768

Richards, Pamela S., Doniphan, 10699

Richardson, Billy J. Sr., Dexter, 10671

Rigsby, Anita G., Perryville, 10760

Ross, Evelyn S., Grayridge, 10682

Sadler, Randy L., Scott City, 10765

Sadler, Sheri L., Scott City, 10765

Scharpf, LeeAnn, Benton, 10668

Schmidt, Sean T., Cape Girardeau, 10657

Schulte, Ernest J. and Shelby J., Puxico, 10752

Schulte, Justin J., Puxico, 10753

Scott, Larry H. and Linda J., Lowndes, 10638

Sellers, Robert W., Perryville, 10710

Shankle, Bill J., Charleston, 10755

Sharp, Connie D. and Elmo J., Kennett, 10740

Sloan, Sharon, Bernie, 10661

Smith, Eric E. and Janet M., Dexter, 10684

Smith, Steven A., Morehouse, 10754

Starnes, Rodney P. and Sandra R., Portageville, 10636

Swiney, Kenneth W. and Phyllis L., Bunker, 10703

Tibbs, Earl P., Malden, 10662

Tibbs, Lisa D. and Terry S., Poplar Bluff, 10773

Umfleet, Bonnie J., Cape Girardeau, 10656

Walker, Bonnie J., Malden, 10653

Waller, Benjamin B. and Jacqueline M., Cape Girardeau, 10645

Waller, Dorothy L. and Gordon F., Malden, 10687

Walters, Shelia R. and William F., Oxly, 10695

Ward, Danny R. Jr., Poplar Bluff, 10716

Warren, Cledus A., Sikeston, 10719

Weible, Walter A., Eminence, 10705

West, Ann M. and Henry R., Perryville, 10643

Williams, Mary C. and Ted W., Silva, 10738

Wilson, Ann-Marie, Cape Girardeau, 10758

Zander, Mary M., Scott City, 10655

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