Even 'Peanuts' is good way to create reading interest

Sunday, June 9, 2002

As usual Peppermint Patty is far too wise for her age, as shown in the advice she gives to Marcie in this "Peanuts" strip.

But the notion of summer reading programs is a time-tested way to stimulate young minds and build good reading habits that will last a lifetime.

The Cape Girardeau Public Library has kicked off several summer programs aimed at different age groups. For example, the children's reading program urges youngsters to read for 900 minutes -- that's 15 hours in grown-up time, or 30 sitcoms in TV time -- over the next two months.

Another program involves teen-agers in making their own movie. And another program allows children to become actors. There are programs for toddlers on up.

So anyone looking for a place to go out of summer's glaring heat would do well to consider the public library.

But Peppermint Patty is right. Summer sunshine makes possible a lot of other fun activities too. Even sitting under a shade tree.


It is the foundation of education. Let's find time to read. And let's find time to encourage youngsters to discover the joys of reading.

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