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Friday, June 7, 2002

Guy Strauss'About a Boy'

This is the story of a 36-year-old too-hip playboy North Londoner (and heir to novelty song royalties), who seeks out relationships with single mothers because he thinks they're more desperate to find a man. Rated PG-13 for brief strong language and some thematic elements, running time 100 minutes. (Cape West Cine)

'Bad Company'

This is the story of a "street-wise" African-American bookie who is enlisted by the CIA to take the place of his late, Harvard-educated twin, so he can finish an important project his brother was working on. Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violent action, some sensuality and language, running time 111 minutes. (Town Plaza Cinemas)

'Changing Lanes'

This is the story of what happens one day in New York when a young lawyer and a businessman share a small automobile accident on F.D.R. Drive that their mutual road rage escalates into a feud. Rated R for language, running time 95 minutes. (Cape West Cine)

'Divine Secrets...'

"Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood" is a classic Southern tale of life, love and family follows a group of lifelong friends as they stage a rather unorthodox intervention to help a young playwright unravel the truth about her eccentric mother, find forgiveness and come to terms with her painful past. Rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements, language, and brief sensuality, running time 115 minutes. (Cape West Cine)


An abused woman discovers that the dream man she married wasn't whom she thought he was. She and her daughter try to escape, but he pursues relentlessly. Fearing also for the safety of her daughter, she decides that there's only one way out of the marriage: Kill him. Rated PG-13 for intense scenes of domestic violence, some sensuality and language, running time 115 minutes. (Cape West Cine)


Sent from the city to investigate the murder of a teenage girl in a small Alaska town, a police detective accidentally shoots his own partner while trying to apprehend a suspect. Instead of admitting his guilt, the detective is given an unexpected alibi, but this "solution" only multiplies the emotional complexity and guilt over his partner's death. Rated R for language, some violence and brief nudity. (Town Plaza Cinemas)

'The New Guy'

After a few years of being the "uncool kid", a high school student gets himself expelled, and even ends up in prison. While there, his cellmate, Luther gives him some tips on how to remake his image, so he can start again at a different high school, reinvented as the "cool kid". Rated PG-13 for sexual content, language, crude humor and mild drug references, running time 90 minutes. (Cape West Cine)

'The Rookie'

Jim Morris, a Texas high school baseball coach makes a deal with his team: If they make the playoffs, he'll try out for a pitcher position with a professional team. The big surprise is that he makes the team, fulfilling his lifelong dream. Rated G, running time 130 minutes. (Cape West Cine)


Spiderman started off as shy high school student Peter Parker, until he was bitten by a genetically- altered spider, giving him amazing abilities. Over time, he learns that with great power, comes great responsibility. Rated PG-13 for stylized violence and action, running time 112 minutes. (Town Plaza Cinemas)


Animated film about an untamed horse in the wild west is captured by the cavalry, is broken, and becomes a mount. The whole story will be told from the viewpoint of the horse, with his thoughts heard as narrative. Rated G, running time 80 minutes. (Cape West Cine)

'Star Wars Episode II'

This is the second film in the popular science fiction series. Anakin has grown into the accomplished Jedi apprentice of Obi-Wan, who himself has transitioned from student to teacher. The two Jedi are assigned to protect Padmé whose life is threatened by a faction of political separatists. Rated PG for sustained sequences of sci-fi action/violence, running time 145 minutes. (West Cape Cine)

'The Sum of all Fears'

European neo-Nazi terrorists get their hands on a lost nuclear device, and set about on their plans to use it at the Super Bowl. The plan is to disguise the attack as being caused by Russia, in the hopes of rekindling the Cold War. Luckily, young CIA analyst Jack Ryan is on the case. Rated PG-13 for violence, disaster images and brief strong language, running time 127 minutes. (Cape West Cine)

'Undercover Brother'

A low-rent private eye with a '70s sense of style, Undercover Brother is the Robin Hood of the 'hood. As a covert agent in the all-black brotherhood, he sports big hair, big martial arts moves and plenty of attitude. But he faces a new mission as a sinister underground movement has unleashed a psycho-hallucinogenic drug that will turn the entire population into zombies. He turns in his cool shades and platforms for horn-rimmed glasses and penny-loafers as he poses as preppy nerd Anton Jackson to thwart his enemies.


An erotic thriller that centers on a couple living in the New York city suburbs whose marriage goes dangerously awry when the wife indulges in an adulterous fling. Rated R for sexuality, language and a scene of violence, running time 123 minutes. (Town Plaza Cinemas)

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