Speak Out B 06/06/02

Thursday, June 6, 2002

Others need help too

WHAT KIND of country do we live in when we are willing to give other countries money, food and anything else they need but will not give the same assistance to our own citizens. I think Missouri needs to realize that just because someone doesn't have children doesn't mean she doesn't need help every now and then. I am working my butt off as a full-time student so I don't have to rely on welfare all my life, yet I can't receive state aid because I don't have children. The fact I have no income doesn't matter. Something needs to be changed.

Rely on private sector

THERE IS a way to solve the budget problems facing Cape Girardeau. Do what many cities have done: contract for trash removal and public works. This would solve a huge personnel problem; it would also solve a problem in terms of equipment. Service would be more efficient. And Cape would not have to raise the sales tax. It's a nice luxury that basic services are provided by a public institution, but most cities have private-sector solutions for public-sector problems.

University suggestions

I HAVE a comment regarding the financial crisis at Southeast Missouri State University. It seems to me the budget cuts never achieve what needs to be achieved: cutting fat and waste at the university. It seems that part-time and temporary employees are the first to be cut when budget cuts come down from above. Part-time and temporary employees are the least expensive labor. The deadwood and waste lie at the top of the chain: too many administrative positions, too many ineffective tenured professors and the stubbornness to see this River City campus through regardless of cost. I have no problem with Gov. Bob Holden requiring the state universities to get their financial houses in order, but unfortunately the wrong people may be called upon to make the sacrifice while the waste continues. President Ken Dobbins and the administrators should set the example for the people they govern and cut their own salary and benefits. Then perhaps the students and faculty below them could better understand how difficult the decisions being made are. Decisions are not difficult to make if your pocketbook is not affected.

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