Over my dead body 5/31

Friday, May 31, 2002

These are the 10 songs Fred J. Williams of rural Cape Girardeau county wouldn't want to live without:

1. "Appalachian Spring" (complete ballet) -- Aaron Copland

The land, the dream, the struggle. So American.

2. "Take Five" -- Paul Desmond

When I first heard The Dave Brubeck Quartet it started me on my journey with great jazz. An instantly identifiable sound. Great rhythm and a hypnotic melody.

3. Symphony No. 9 in D minor -- Ludwig van Beethoven

The culmination of Beethoven's compositional life. A dramatic and mystic piece. It made me seek out the translation from the German: "Seek Him above the tent of stars! Above the stars He cannot but dwell."

4. Sonata No. 14, Op. 27, No. 2 ("Moonlight") -- Ludwig van Beethoven

Three movements, each with its own aura. The best performance? The master Vladimir Horowitz. I recall the joy of my daughter attempting to master the first movement, the Adagio sostenuto.

5. "All Along The Watchtower" -- Bob Dylan

Performed by Jimi Hendrix from his album "Electric Ladyland." Most of my college memories have been repressed except for this transcendent reinterpretation of Dylan's song. An electric guitar in the hands of the master.

6. "Pomp and Circumstance," Op.39 Marches -- Sir Edward Elgar

Many times I sat in the balcony in Academic Hall and watched my father enter graduation leading his department faculty. When No. 1 in D is played by an orchestra the flood of memories overwhelms.

7, "The Lark Ascending" -- Ralph Vaughan Williams

Called a "romance for violin and orchestra," it is the sweetest sound. Impressions of utter peace in a British countryside.

8. "Time" -- Pink Floyd (Mason, Waters, Wright, Gilmour)

Thought-provoking and evocative lyrics backed by exceptional guitar work. It helped me focus on time and the future after the blur of college.

9. Rhapsody of a Theme of Paganini -- Sergei Rachmaninov

A wide variety of moods and melodies. A powerful orchestral piece. The big orchestral/piano build-up leads to one strange, sudden ending.

10. "Over The Rainbow" -- Harold Arlen, lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

A pure and undiluted song of longing and hope. When the kids were ittle, the movie menu included yellow tapioca pudding as we watched "The Wizard of Oz."


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