Speak Out A 05/31/02

Friday, May 31, 2002

Moving fallout

AS MUCH as I would like the Cardinals to stay in St. Louis, I would like to congratulate the representatives in Jefferson City for holding their ground. When the state cuts funds for universities and when prisons are nicer than our schools, it is nice to see some good judgment used for a change. The football Cardinals moved to Arizona, and look what we got.

Using my money

IT GAVE me a warm fuzzy feeling to see the University of Missouri educated one Palestinian terrorist and is educating another. That really makes me feel good about where my tax money goes. That really incenses me.

Election planning

MY REACTION to Peter Kinder's Sunday column: Now I'm more certain than ever that he's planning a run for state office.

Making up the time

HOW IS it that Cape Girardeau can use a school day for students to move furniture to a new school, and in the Woodland district students have to make up days when flooding hit? Something is not right.

Revenue opportunity

IF CAPE officials are so worried about the budget, all they have to do is post some police around the I-55 construction zone at the Diversion Channel. With all of the speeding tickets they could make enough money to even the budget, especially after they opened the second lane. It has become ridiculous.

Better supervision

MY HUSBAND and I went to help with the moving at Cape school. The students should be praised for their efforts, while the administrators were extremely lacking in any common sense. The kids were allowed to carry stuff way too heavy, and kids were hanging out of moving vans while they were moving. The teachers were just watching. That's silly, and I would have expected better. Cape school officials should do a better job of supervising our kids.

Moving fund

SOME BUY their homes in places where they will be flooded every couple of years, then cry "Woe is me." If folks want to help these people, I have no problem. But to suggest we need to help flooded families preserve the memories of their homes is hogwash. It is a nightmare to clean these homes. If people really want to help these hardheads, donate to a fund to help these people move.

Highway disagreement

I DON'T agree with MoDOT's proposal to widen Highway 72 in Jackson. I don't like MoDOT's obstinate attitude about deciding what is best for us. We live here. We ought to know.

Get in, get out

I HAVE not heard President Bush or Vice President Cheney say the war on terrorism is never-ending. But I think the first President Bush was a lot wiser in getting into a country, attacking it and getting out. I think we made our point in Afghanistan. Now we should get out. We shouldn't be stirring up trouble in other parts of the Middle East if they didn't attack us.

Financial sense

I HOPE the current fiscal crisis at SEMO will force President Ken Dobbins and the Board of Regents to come to their senses. The purpose of a university is to provide high-quality education at the lowest cost possible, not fund urban-renewal and economic-development projects like the River Campus. Over the last 10 years the administration has overspent on capital projects. Now the students, faculty and staff are paying the price.

Less compassion

IT SEEMS that with recent Speak Out calls that people are less compassionate than in the past. I am referring to negative comments about the people who were flooded out. Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Some people live where they have to live, not because they want to live there. Sometimes it's because there is nowhere else they can afford.

Where are patrolmen?

WHERE ARE the highway patrolmen? I went through Fruitland, and three people ran a red light. One of them almost hit me.

A living wage

WHY DON'T we stop worrying about giving these city employees higher wages and start worrying about making a living wage for these people out in the workforce?

Dumping on county road

I AM so mad. I was on Hopper Road out in the country. People have dumped an old dishwashing machine on the side of the road. They should be ashamed of themselves. They just throw their trash everywhere. They should be fined.

Traffic decisions

I READ the articles on traffic problems in Jackson and laughed. Forty business leaders couldn't come up with any ideas that anyone could agree on, so they decided to spend $100,000 for someone else to make the decisions that we will have to live with. Jackson is growing. Planning and zoning have failed. MoDOT has said it wants to make highways safe, but highways are only as safe as the people who drive on them. Most drivers in this area don't even know the meaning of merge.

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