Letter to the Editor

Flags each have names of those who gave all

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

To the editor:

Thank you for the picture on the front page Friday of Freedom Corner at Capaha Park.

I would like to inform those who drive by and see the flags that it's not just a bunch of flags placed in the ground. Each flag has a name attached to it of a man from Cape Girardeau who has died during a war while serving his country.

For the record, here's the layout of the placement of the flags: Standing facing the Statue of Liberty, all the flags surrounding Miss Liberty -- 131 of them -- have the names of men killed during World War II. The column on the left has 40 flags in front of it. These men were killed during World War I. The center column has 20 flags identifying 20 young lives given in the service of their country in Korea. The column on the right has 16 flags with the names of heroes who gave their all.

That's 207 men from the Cape Girardeau area who realized that freedom is not free. Some gave all.


Cape Girardeau