Speak out 5/22

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Two lanes: big help

THREE CHEERS for MoDOT. They figured out how to relieve the rush hour on southbound I-55. All they needed was two lanes southbound over the Diversion Channel. The flow's great. Thanks for the good work, and keep it up.

Gun lobby's motto

AS BART Simpson so aptly paraphrased the gun lobby's motto, "Guns don't kill people. People with guns kill people."

Reward the police

I WAS just reading the editorial about the Cape Girardeau Police Department's professionalism. I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of our officers and am extremely proud of them and the things they've accomplished. It think it's a shame that our city administration has not found it fit to adequately compensate them. I think it's a crying shame they can't adequately reward our officers for such good work, hard work and dedication.

Take responsibility

I DON'T know why the federal government should buy out anyone's house when you make a choice about where you live. If you choose to live close to a waterway, then occasionally you can expect it to flood. I think it's up to individuals to be responsible for where they buy houses and not expect the federal government to buy the land and the house.

Dutchtown needs levee

LET'S GIVE the citizens of Dutchtown a little bit of a break. Yes, it looks like they've built their houses in the wrong place, but maybe when they built those houses it didn't flood this often. We've built more parking lots, more shopping centers and more levees. And so now the river gets deeper and does it more often. We need to help Dutchtown just like the other levees that have helped elsewhere.

Pathetic situation

LET ME see if I understand David Limbaugh correctly. Back when the Democrats, playing the role of the loyal opposition, spoke out against some of the policies that President Bush was enacting in the war on terrorism, the Democrats were cast as unpatriotic and divisive and as playing politics with the tragedy of Sept. 11. Now the Republicans are using a photo of Bush during the Sept. 11 tragedy as a fund-raising tool. It is disgraceful that they are capitalizing on the grief and horror that the families must be feeling. But notice the unbelievable hypocrisy. If the Democrats as much as bring up any opposition, they are unpatriotic. But for the Republicans not only are they allowed to politicize Sept. 11, they actually have a duty and obligation to do so because it points out their differences on defense. It's pathetic, really.

Flooding elsewhere

I WONDER if anybody has thought about the fact that if you put a levee to protect Dutchtown, you're going to completely flood out the whole town in Allenville. Let's be reasonable.

Teens and alcohol

THIS IS the time of the year, with graduations and proms, that too many parents are trying to be their children's friends. Children need discipline. There are too many parties who have alcohol supplied by the parents, saying that it's better to drink at home. It's not right. The children are not of legal age. What the parents are doing is setting up their children for failure, DWIs, lost jobs, multiple marriages and alcoholism. Is one night of happiness for teen-agers worth a life of future misery and addiction to alcohol? These parents need to wake up.

Appropriate care

I WENT to a nursing home to see my aunt. I was so disgusted by how I found her. I know nurse's aide work is hard. I've done it for years and years, and we're all underpaid. But we need to look at this a little bit closer. We try to do the best that we can do. But if you accomplish anything good, you go home laughing. If you don't accomplish anything, you go home crying.

Thanks for solution

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you to the person responsible for solving the Interstate-55 South bottleneck.

Car memories

I'D LIKE to thank the Antique Car Club for coming to Cape. I really enjoyed the cars. You sure brought back a lot of old memories. I'm 77 years old, and there were some cars I'd never seen before.

Holding up judges

I'VE NOTICED here lately a lot of people have been getting upset over judges nominated by President Bush who are not being confirmed by the U.S. Senate. I wonder where you people were when President Clinton nominated a lot of fine judges who weren't making it through the Republican Senate. You weren't being irate then. How come?

Community needs

I HAVE something to say to the Kelly School District. Maybe one of the reasons you're not getting your school bond issue passed is you're not doing enough for members of the community, especially those who have children of driving age who need driver's education. These are little things, but you need to look more toward middle-class and poor constituents instead of rich ones.

Painful smear

I WANT to comment about what the Democrats are doing to President Bush. They're making out like he knew the planes were going to crash into the World Trade Center towers. These people are beyond anything I have ever seen. They are using the dead to smear Bush. I can't believe they would be so low. Imagine the pain they're bringing to the families of the victims.

Wartime criticism

JUST BECAUSE of the mere possibility of going to war with Iraq, a Speak Out caller agrees with Dick Cheney that Democratic criticism of the president should not be allowed. During the Clinton years, there were many small wars, and look at the outrageous criticism Republicans heaped on him.

Messy trash policy

AS A Jackson resident, I don't agree with this policy of not being able to put my trash in a container. I hope the city will come around and pick up trash out of people's yards after the dogs decide to tear up trash bags during the night. If my bags can't be in a plastic trash container, then my trash bags are going to get torn up.

Lots of cons to prosecute

THE CON man stated he didn't know lying to get money was against the law. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. When John Ashcroft retires, I'll support Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney, Morley Swingle to become attorney general. I'll also support more funding for federal prisons. We'll need a lot of jail cells for all those con-men Democrats. You're the man, Morley.

Vote again

I AGREE with the caller who said that the River Campus tax issue should be put to a vote and see if it still has the support of the people. I think it has lost support as time has gone by. I don't think our city funds should be tied up for 30 years for the college's benefit.

Which cuts?

HOW VERY easy it is to complain about taxes. Cutting the River Campus project would not begin to solve anyone's tax problems. The cop-out answer is to eliminate waste and fraud. Just once I would love to hear a tax complainer specify exactly what he would cut to make up the difference.

Do unto others ...

WHY SHOULDN'T the people at Dutchtown expect the Army Corps of Engineers to build a levee? They're taxpayers too. They're our neighbors, and we all should help one another. Stop being so greedy. Support your neighbor in need like you would want their support if something would happen to you.

Be determined

ANYONE WHO wants to lose weight has got to be determined. It's no different than stopping smoking or any other bad habit. You have to be determined. Your determination will get you through, not wishing.

I WOULD like to let the people who are complaining about the people in Dutchtown know that the levee will not only affect the people who live in Dutchtown, but the people who travel on Highway 74 every day.

I HAVE read with disgust the piece about requiring students to say the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools. This is a blessed country we live in. Why does it hurt to pledge allegiance to our flag and to our God? I hear that some schools read the Koran and do Islamic things. But those schools can't have the Ten Commandments or say the Pledge of Allegiance. I think it's time that some of us stood up and took charge.

Financial solution

CAPESAYS it has financial problems and wants to raise taxes. The university says it has financial problems and wants to raise tuition. If both of these organizations have that many financial problems, why don't they drop all the money they're wasting on the River Campus?

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