Letter suggests more bodies could be found

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

WEST ALTON, Mo. -- A letter received by a newspaper last week that pointed police to human remains in a remote location north of St. Louis suggests the bodies of additional victims have yet to be found.

In the letter, the author writes about a possible willingness to tell "where many others are to prove I'm real."

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which received the unsigned letter on Friday, reported Monday that the letter also indicates the number of victims linked to a possible serial killer could be higher than the 10 police now suspect.

The author refers to a story printed earlier this month in the Post-Dispatch, which chronicled the life of Teresa Wilson, whose body was found last year in the same area of West Alton as the new discovery.

Wilson, 36, is one of nine women, all with a connection to drugs and prostitution, that police suspect were killed by the same person

Police from several jurisdictions are investigating. The St. Louis Police Department officer charged with coordinating the effort had no comment about the letter on Sunday.

"We've got nothing to say at this time," said Capt. Harry Hegger.

The letter had a New York return address but a St. Louis postmark dated May 21. The return address also contains the name of a Web site that contains illustrations of torture devices. Police have said some marks on the wrists and legs of the victims indicate they had been bound.

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