Sunday, May 26, 2002

Deal directly with problem

AS A former student-athlete of a private school, I find it very disconcerting that the private schools are being singled out because a few schools are taking advantage of their private-school status. I think Brother David was correct in saying that the door should swing both ways on this issue. People forget that students choose private high schools mostly for the outstanding education and not the sports. Besides, if the main issue is trying to put a stop to the recruiting, then deal with the problem rather than punish the whole group.

Leave Mike Piazza alone

The media and fans who are so concerned about MikePiazza's sexuality are probably just doing it because they're afraid to address their own sexuality issues.

Rule signifies work ethic

THE RECENT decision by the Missouri State High School Activities Association to implement the 1.35 multiplier to "level the playing field between private and public schools" is a sad indicator of what society has become. Now we are dragging our children into the mindset that if someone has achieved more than we have, drag everyone down to our level so that everything will be fair. Let's not try to improve ourselves and look at the successes of others as an incentive for us to do better. I am sickened that this decision has been made without any more thought than a few coaches being jealous of others. It has driven a bigger wedge between public and private schools. The fact that schools like Notre Dame will jump from a 2A to a 4A school is ridiculous. I'm sure the students and coaches will rise above this and use their strong team work and great work ethic to overcome their disadvantages. Maybe that's what some of the other schools should have done in the first place.

A changed chant

I WOULD like to apologize to the Bell City Cubs. When Oran lost to them during the basketball finals, the crowd screamed "baseball practice, baseball practice," and it angered me. Poor sportsmanship, we thought. Little did we know that you were trying to send a message to your own players. A small piece of advice: next time cheer "baseball champions" and I'm sure everyone will know you're talking to the Oran Eagles.

Offering competition

I READ that a person claimed that Notre Dame went out and recruited three Jackson girls for their state championship basketball team. Who taught those girls to play basketball? Not the public school system. A private Catholic grade school in Jackson taught those girls to play basketball. Look at our soccer team -- we have much success. Half our team didn't make all-stars growing up, yet we still compete with the public schools. If we teach them to play the sport, then why can't we let them come to our school to play the sport? You say we recruit from all over the area. Well as a private school, we can't afford to build a high school in every town. Probably because we're too busy having to pay for Central to build a new school when they don't even need one. So we build one in a good location for all of the region. You want us to get only students from Cape, then build us a high school in every town and stop making us pay for your schools. And if you just said to yourself that you don't, then why do you need the multiplier?

Change the focus

I KNOW people are happy that Notre Dame and private schools are being pushed up in their classification. But if the MSHSAA really wanted to level the playing field, they ought to look at growth hormones and supplements, that kind of stuff.

Why no minor leagues?

Now that I'm sitting here watching arena football on TV, I keep thinking about how Cape would be a great place to put one of those teams. The Show Me Center and our city leaders should be ashamed that they haven't done more to try and market our community to minor league sports. Towns smaller than us have minor league sports. It seems to me that this is a good financial opportunity for our city that we're missing out on.

Congratulations, Indians

IT HAS been a great last two weeks at Jackson High School. Our golf, soccer, and basball teams won district championships. Good luck Indians through the state tournaments. Go Indians!

Only helps ND program

I DON'T have a problem with private schools. I wish I could afford to send my kids to one of them, but they do have an unfair advantage in recruiting athletes. This new rule is fair and equitable. I don't think this will hurt Notre Dame. It will only make their program better.

Would you keep going?

HERE'S A poll question: would you attend Cardinals baseball games more or less if the stadium was moved to: 1) East St. Louis, 2) St. Charles County, or 3) Chesterfield Valley? I believe attendance would likely be cut in half if the stadium moved out of downtown. The owners know this. Fans like Busch Stadium. They don't want a new stadium. They like the location in downtown St. Louis. Why doesn't the city of St. Louis, together with St. Louis County, simply offer to provide some funds to renovate the stadium? Rather than costing the taxpayers over $600 million, perhaps this could be done for $100 to $200 million.

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