Cairo labor dispute to end school year

Sunday, May 26, 2002

CAIRO, Ill. -- Teachers and administrators in the Cairo School District are set to end the school year on Wednesday because they have been unable to agree on a contract.

Friday was the agreement deadline set by the Cairo Association of Teachers, but union spokesman Ron Newell said no agreement was reached.

"As it stands right now, the last day of school is next Wednesday, unless the parents express their concern to the board of education and the board does something about it," Newell said.

The board's final proposal included making up 17 work days missed due to strike, but the district issued a news release saying the school year would end Wednesday instead. Because the days will not be made up, the district stands to lose $400,000 in state aid and teachers an average $4,989 in salary and benefits.

Teachers went on strike in April after working for about a year without a new contract.

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