Everybody's a critic - 'Star Wars - Episode II'

Friday, May 24, 2002

HH 1/2

George Lucas gave us a gift in 1977 as we discovered Luke Skywalker, the Force, Darth Vader, crazy hair buns, and pervasive merchandising. Hindsight tells us Lucas should have filmed his trilogy a la Peter Jackson ("Lord of the Rings") -- all at once.

The back-story Lucas wrote for his first trilogy plays better in theory than on the screen. Seeing this latest "Star Wars" episode felt like watching an expensive, ho-hum TV show. I left in awe of the amazing effects and art direction but without caring about plot or characters.

How is it possible to make an actor like Samuel L. Jackson sound wooden or to have an attractive romance that doesn't stir my amorous heart? For that I do blame Lucas and wish he would have directed the special effects only and brought in "Titanic's" James Cameron to help with the passion and "Sixth Sense's" M. Night Shyamalan to add the suspense.

- Fawna Jones, mom

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