Letter to the Editor

For many grads, Schultz school is still old CHS

Friday, May 24, 2002

To the editor:

Having just read of the closing of L.J. Schultz School brings a rather large lump to my throat.

Today you call it Schultz, but it will always be old Central High School to many of us. I'm a member of the last class to graduate from CHS at that location in 1952.

Like everyone else, I have some great memories of the old school: Ed Rudert's auto mechanics class, Ms. Gilette's music class and the a cappella choir and, of course, Lou Muegge and the Tiger football team. Those were good times in Cape, and I never miss driving by the old CHS when I'm home to attend our class reunions.

For some reason, the old school building doesn't look nearly as large as it did back in 1952. But now, 50 years, later I'm quite a bit larger, so I guess time has its effect on everybody and everything.

This September when I return to Cape for our 50th class reunion, I will again make it a point to stop and take another long, hard look at old CHS and remember those good times and good people from those bygone days of my youth. CHS served Cape well, and I'll be sure to tip my hat to her for a job well done. If only those halls could talk, the stories she could tell.


Kimberling City, Mo.