Letter to the Editor

Women must act to carve out time for vacations

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

To the editor:

Golf: It's that sport that brings guys together -- and keeps them there. It's the sport where guys in plaid shorts and white shirts chase a little white ball over acres and acres of land, only to end up back where they started.

Amazingly, men find this to be the sport of choice. They claim to be getting their exercise when in reality you know they are going golfing just to drive the little golf carts and to participate in a little male bonding.

My other half and his best friends attend this ritual at least twice a week. They must be really bonded. It may take some Goo-Gone to tear them apart for those family vacations that we women want: camping, canoeing, maybe the botanical gardens.

For women who have not yet experienced this phenomenon, go ahead and stock up on your favorite adhesive remover before it's too late. This male bonding game is sure to trap your man sooner or later. Be prepared. Check times and dates for all and any tournaments in your area. Plan any leftover weekends before it's too late.


Jackson, Mo.