Made of memories - Students recall last year at Schultz School

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

As students across the region mark the end of the school year with play days, parties and performances, the Cape Girardeau School District is making plans for its building transition.

Under a plan to reconfigure where students in grades 5 to 12 gather, the district is moving some students to new schools and opening a new high school. As part of that plan, the district will close Schultz School, which now houses only seventh graders.

Students past and present have fond memories of the year they spent at Schultz, which was originally built as a high school in 1914. The building was converted to a junior high school in 1953. A decade later it was closed for two years for major renovations. In 1965, when Central High School opened, the Schultz building was made into a seventh-grade center.

The last day for students is Friday.

Seventh-graders at Schultz School tell us what they'll always remember about the past year and the fate of their beloved school:

The main thing I will remember about Schultz is the stairs. People would always fall on them. Hopefully, there won't be as many next year. I hope whoever buys it treats it well, because it is a landmark.

-- Mark Angle

I am sad that Schultz School is closing because it was a great school, and I wanted my little sister to experience the good times I had here. The one thing I will always remember about my seventh grade year is how nice the teachers were and how much fun I had at the parties.

--Ashley Branham

It is sad that Schultz is closing. It is the best school I have ever had. I know that it is old but I wish they could remodel or rebuild it so that it could be a school again. Farewell Schultz!

-- Danialle Dodd

I'll always remember my seventh grade year at Schultz. On the first day of school I was a nervous wreck. When I arrived at Schultz, it's environment felt like a grandma. The warmth and close feeling of teachers made me feel a lot more comfortable. I'll always remember everything from the grape smell of the locker room to the love of my friends and teachers. Schultz is a great school and I'm going to miss it very much.

--Abby Pratt

One thing I will always remember about my seventh-grade year at Schultz will be having to go up the "up" stairs and down the "down" stairs. I will also remember having fun playing saxophone in the band room.

--Garrett Gunning

It is sad that Schultz has to close. My dad went to this school, and it has been here for years. So far this has been my favorite year and I will miss it. On the last day of school, I think there will be a lot of tears and good-byes. I will have great memories of my year at Schultz.

--Ashley Callis

I know all of the classrooms and hallways like the back of my hand. It has been a great school to serve so many kids over the years. Who knows? Maybe it will stand another 100 years!

--Raymond Harp

When Schultz closes, I will feel very sad. This schoolyear has been a wonderful one. Schultz holds a lot of good memories in it that we don't want to lose.

--Lien Hoang

I feel bad for Schultz School because it is going to get sold, and no more kids will enjoy this nice school. Just about my whole family went here. But I guess it needs to close because Schultz is getting tired.

--Andrew Bowman

One thing I will always remember about Schultz is the heat days. It was so hot my paper for a spelling test was wet and see-through. I'm glad I could experience what people ahead of us have known at Schultz.

--Tyler Yeargain

I will always remember about the seventh grade at Schultz School how I had to learn which stairs to use, but it was fun learning. All the kids were in the same grade, and I wouldn't have to be bothered by the little kids or the older ones.

--Dionandrea Harris

One thing I feel about the closing of Schultz is good, because we get to go to a new school. I will miss Schultz a lot, though, because we had fun parties and games, and we did fun activities. I will miss all of my friends and teachers. I will miss watching Channel One every morning and eating snacks and drinking juice to get ready for the MAP test. L.J. Schultz is the best school I have ever been to.

--Jonathan Harris

The closing of Schultz School saddens me because my grandfather went here. I feel like the tradition is being broken.

--Stuart Greaser

There are many things I will remember about Schultz, but the one thing I will remember most is when I was in first hour and we were watching the news. There was an interruption which announced that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. We watched the second plane hit. That is a memory I will always have.

--Rachae Williams

I feel bad about the closing of Schultz. Goodbye, Schultz! My grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad, uncles, aunts and my sisters all went here. I am pretty lucky I got to go to school here also. It is real sad that my children, if I have some, will not get to go here.

--Kyle Madden

I am sad that they are closing down the school. What if the people who buy it don't take care of it and it has to be torn down? I hope they won't do that because it's a landmark.

--Hunter Givens

One thing I will always remember about Schultz is all of the fun memories like the dances and parties.

--Richard E. Price

One thing I will always remember about my seventh-grade year would be all the memories that happened here with my friends, all the trips and events. The first time we walked in, there was that special feeling.

--Sky Virden

Something I will always remember about Schultz would be the staff and all of the wonderful people I have met. My friends and I have enjoyed this year very much, but there is always a time to move on.

--Rebekah Pfanstiel

The one thing I will always remember about my seventh-grade year at L. J. Schultz are the teachers who have taught me. I have had a great year.

--Kimberly Phillips

I will really miss this school. It makes me feel really bad, because I loved this school and because I will miss my teachers and my friends from the year.

--Amber Reynolds

I am going to miss a lot of the events that were part of the Schultz School but I will miss the parties and the dances the most. I think that they were the best parties I have ever had. Thank you for giving us these fun moments, Schultz. I will miss this school a lot.

--Briana McDowell

One thing that I will always remember about Schultz is all the stairs that we had to walk up and down every day. The other thing that I will remember about our school is that we are the last people to go to this school. The people who are going to buy this building are going to turn it into an office building. I will always remember Schultz, because this is the only school that I have gone to with all the schools combined into one grade.

-- Jacob Amtmann

One thing I will remember about L.J. Schultz is that my grandma was a student the first year of L.J. Schultz, and now I am a student the last year of this old school. That is what I will remember.

--Brandon Cramer

When Schultz closes down, I will feel really sad. When it closes, I won't be able to walk through its halls when I am older. I won't be able to tell my kids, 'Now this is where I went to seventh grade' and show them around. But I feel pretty special to be in the last class of Schultz. The person buying it is ruining lots of memories from when grandparents went here and when it was a high school. I will never forget this year.

--Melody Stone

I will always remember the special days at Schultz. We had Pajama Day, Hat Day, Celebrity Day and Blast from the Past Day. I will also remember the parties when all the students got in a group and danced. At the first party, all the boys stood in the corner watching the girls dance and have a good time!

--Angel Roussel

Schultz is getting very old and probably does need to close down. Yes, I think Schultz is the best year that I will probably ever have because we, the Class of 2007, were the only ones here. I will miss Schultz very much.

--Emily Hiett

I am sad that Schultz School is closing because it was a great school, and I wanted my little sister to experience the good times I had here. The one thing I will always remember about my seventh-grade year is how nice the teacher were and how much fun I had at the parties.

--Ashley Branham

I will always remember running up and down the stairs to my locker and to my next class. I will remember going home and having a half day because it was hot at the beginning of the school year. I will remember waking up early to come here. I will remember the poster and the writings on the wall. I will remember sitting I the chair working all day. And that's what I will remember about Schultz. So long, my friend.

--Brittany Warren

I will always love you, L. J. Schultz.

--Emily Bland

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