Cape has all its education bases covered

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

By Megan Wright

"The Best is Yet to Come."

What does this new slogan for Cape Girardeau Public Schools really mean?

Mark Bowles, assistant superintendent said, "We have a wonderful school district. We're in good condition. The salaries and our budget are doing well. The past was good, too. But we want to accomplish greater things."

Mrs. Robin Kralemann, a fourth-grade teacher at Charles C. Clippard Elementary, agreed with Mr. Bowles. "I think things are going to continue to get better for us," she said.

After the 2001-2002 school year is over, the 88-year-old L. J. Schultz School will be closed.

Mr. Travis Hux, a sixth-grade teacher at Clippard, said, "It's time to move. The building is not adequate."

A new high school is now being built on Silver Springs Road and will be open for classes next fall.

Bowles has been named to succeed the district's current leader this summer. He is excited about taking over Dr. Dan Steska's job when he retires as superintendent.

"It's a neat time to be involved with this school district," Bowles said.

His job now involves answering a lot of phone calls; people always call to ask him questions and for permission to do things. He also works on various projects such as the district's transition team, and he handles secondary schools and personnel.

Cape Girardeau has one public high school, one junior high school, one seventh-grade building and five elementary schools.

The average number of students per elementary class is about 21. About 325 students graduate each year from Central High School.

There also are private schools available, including two high schools and six elementary schools.

There is also Parkview State School for the severely handicapped, a preschool for the handicapped, Southeast Missouri State University, University of Missouri Extension and Metro Business College.

Education is an important thing in Cape Girardeau. All of the people involved are doing their part to make Cape schools a great place to learn.

Mrs. Becky Lester, the librarian at Clippard, said, "Next year, with the new schools, is going to be awesome."

Wright is a student at Schultz School.

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