Everybody's a critic - 'Unfaithful'

Friday, May 17, 2002


"Unfaithful" is a movie about a suburban housewife in an affair with a lover she meets accidentally. I was reminded of the old saying "What a tangled web we weave ..." as the story unfolded.

Diane Lane as the housewife does an excellent job playing the emotions I would expect a person in that situation would display. After 15 years in movies, this one should make Lane an A-list actress.

The primary problem with the story is why this woman would have the affair. Her husband, effectively played by Richard Gere as a slightly critical husband obsessed with business, wealth, and loyalty, does not seem to be someone the wife should run from.

The lover, an exotic younger man, represents an adventure but an adventure costly to pursue.

The husband triggers the tragic events of the last third of the movie, which ends with no definite finality.

- Terry Sutton, economics professor

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