Everybody's a critic - 'Unfaithful'

Friday, May 17, 2002


When director Adrian Lyne presented "Fatal Attraction" to the American public, the film garnered the cover of news magazines and had women dragging their husbands and boyfriends to see this masterpiece of the consequences of infidelity. Women will probably want to watch his distaff version "Unfaithful" by themselves as Diane Lane finds herself cheating on her husband (Richard Gere) with a sumptuous Frenchman (Oliver Martinez).

"Unfaithful" finally atones for the melodramatic ending attached to "Fatal Attraction" after preview audiences had wanted more thrill. "Unfaithful" is more thrilling in its verisimilitude and the amazing performances by all three principals.

I support this film all the way to next year's Oscars race -- especially Lane. She makes you feel every roller coaster emotion with her, and if you're a wife you might feel guilty even without prior sin.

- Fawna Jones, mom

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