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Friday, May 17, 2002

Why we have insurance

I HAVE empathy for the people who were involved in the storm and had damage to their homes and businesses. However, I wish someone would explain to me why I pay $760 a year in homeowner's insurance but these people think that the government is supposed to pay for repair of their homes. I understand spending tax revenue for our roads and our schools, but not for replacement of our private property.

Young helpers are best

RECENTLY, THE top of a huge tree broke off and landed in our neighbor's yard. After finding out we needed to drag it to the curb, my husband and I went to work. Soon we realized the job was too big for us. When some of the neighborhood kids and their friends returned from school, I asked if they would help. Within a half-hour, seven young people, including two who came to help without being asked, had most of the branches cleaned away. These young workers help make ours a great neighborhood. To the kids on Karen Drive and Howell Street and their friends, thank you. You are the best.

Thanks to city crews

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the city crews that went around and picked up limbs for the folks of Cape Girardeau. It was a great service. Thank you again for a great job.

Not fair to veterans

I'M CALLING about the spy that was just sentenced to life in prison. I heard that his wife is going to get some of his pension and get to keep their home. My husband was a veteran. I don't get a pension, and the government never helped pay for my home. I think this is unfair to all veterans and their families. Why can't this woman get a job like I did?

High-speed chases

THERE WAS another high-speed chase in town again recently. A car being chased by police cars on Kingshighway ran into a pickup with people in it. It's a wonder somebody wasn't killed. When are we going to learn not to allow high-speed chases through town?

Picking up trash

I WOULD Like to say thank you to the Boy Scouts who picked up trash in front of Bob Evans and Ryan's. They've made our city look so much better. Thank you.

Way too much money

SURELY THAT was an error about David Letterman making $31 million a year. When you think of all the people out of work and you think he comes on TV five times a week and it's only marginally entertaining, it just seems foolish. Last I heard, he made $7 million. That I can comprehend -- almost. But $31 million when there's so many people in need in our country is a travesty.

A work of art

THE COLUMN May 12 by Jack Stapleton, "Wrong way to balance the state budget," is a work of art. He obviously is an extremely knowledgeable person about what goes on in Jefferson City, Mo.

A tremendous asset

I JUST loved the article about Truman Smith and his acts of kindness with the flowers for the children of the elementary school. I know you mentioned that he takes care of the fields for the Tiger baseball program, but a lot of people have no idea what all that entails. There are many days, especially after we've had rain, that Smith is out there from 7:30 and 8 in the morning working all day on those fields. He refuses to take any pay or accept any recognition from the team or from the school. We parents appreciate everything he does, and so do the boys. He goes to all the games. He's one of the team's biggest fans. When the junior varsity team was playing in the conference tournament at Kelly, there sat Smith and his wife, cheering our boys on. You can't ask for better people than this. We appreciate him, and we thank God that he's part of our Central community.

Need alternate route

Isn't it finally time to consider an alternate commuter route between Cape Girardeau and Scott City?

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