Letter to the Editor

Use of trash bags could create safety hazards

Friday, May 17, 2002

To the editor:

I fully support the decision to limit the quantity of trash picked up in Jackson. The quantity specified is quite sufficient.

However, the snake of stupidity has reared his ugly head in the decision to restrict residents to bag pickup only. Granted, the use of bags would save time by reducing the number of trips to the curb, but in the absence of curbside recycling, there will be anything and everything in the trash making the bags very heavy and prone to rupture.

Has anybody considered how much time will be spent picking up trash when cheaper bags break?

Who is going to pick up the trash when animals tear bags open?

What about safety?

What happens when an employee is injured from a sharp item such as a piece of wire, broken glass or even an insulin syringe or other needles that protrude through a bag?

What about a young child who stumbles and falls on a bag full of sharp items while waiting for the school bus? What about hazardous substances that spill out of leaking bags?

I have lived in Jackson all of my life and have always supported our city leaders and their decisions until now. Come on, people. Wake up. Even Cape allows the use of containers.


Jackson, Mo.