50 best features of Old Town Cape

Monday, May 13, 2002

1. Riverboats whistle, trains rumble by, fireworks exploding illuminate the sky.

2. Blues music filling the air around old clock square.

3. Cuisine that fills, culture too: antique, boutique, Cajun and barbecue.

4. Originality, landmarks, tasteful, old, waterfront, nostalgia, charming, antiques.

5. A touch of Italy (Bella Italia) in the heartland.

6. Just look around, B&Bs abound.

7. Antiques, restaurants, stores and more, old downtown has features galore.

8. The walls tell a story -- Cape in all its glory.

9. Picket fences, cobblestones and paint make Cape Girardeau very quaint.

10. The best cheesecake west of the Mississippi (My Daddy's Cheesecake).

11. Gracious old homes being saved for the future.

12. Lasting leisure. Water kissing dock. Quiet enough for an eagle.

13. Come to shop, stay to eat, plan to return.

14. Historic homes, fabulous foods, awesome antiques.

15. Courthouse Park and its awesome view of old and new.

16. The wonderful ceiling mural over the entrance to Hecht's Store.

17. Boogying at Broussard's keeps my aging body agile.

18. The beer is ice cold, the action is red hot.

19. Friendly faces, familiar places, Old Town Cape.

20. Architectural jubilee.

21. Riverboat reflections on the waterfront.

22. Savory cuisine to quench and appease every palate.

23. A small town feel with shops of big appeal.

24. Since 1853, a true English Gothic masterpiece, the restored Old St. Vincent's Church.

25. The Emerson Bridge promises spans of steel over sublime splendor in waterways.

26. An antique lover's paradise.

27. The merchants' smiles, boats' whistles and yummy smells.

28. Centenary's fabulous faithful celebrate God in Old Town Cape (since 1806).

29. Great historical churches.

30. Lang's Family Jewelry! Very essence of shopping in Old Town Cape.

31. Cool your coffee craze at Grace Café.

32. Moonlight magic on the Mississippi River.

33. The ambiance of creative people in a community of neighborhood businesses.

34. A genuine Victorian treasure, the historic Glenn House on Spanish Street.

35. There's a smorgasbord for every palate in Old Town Cape.

36. Walking among the legendary trees at the seminary brings happy memories.

37. Those beautiful landscaped terraces leading up to the courthouse. Fabulous!

38. Welcoming riverboats to Cape at water's edge.

39. Don Greenwood's napkin art gallery at Port Cape.

40. Magical windows dance merrily at Hutson's Christmas display.

41. See marching bands through the generations at Shivelbine's Music Store.

42. City of Roses Music Festival: showcasing bands for all ears.

43. Festive, family, fun -- the City of Lights Christmas Parade.

44. A mosaic of newspaper printing history at the Southeast Missourian.

45. The soldier proudly standing guard over Courthouse Park fountain.

46. Riverfront calliope concerts by the visiting "Queens."

47. The courthouse gazebo -- covered with vines and memories.

48. The N'Orleans -- once an opera house, now a dining tradition.

49. Quaint neighborhoods and friendly faces residing throughout Old Town Cape.

50. Drama, comedy, take your pick when "River City Players" presents.

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