Out of the past 5/6/02

Monday, May 6, 2002

10 years ago: May 6, 1992

Missouri officials received good news and bad news yesterday with Illinois Gov. John Edgar's unveiling of new $5.4 billion, five-year highway program; good news is Cape Girardeau's Mississippi River bridge project is included in highway plan; bad news is most of funding for project isn't.

Scott City - City officials plan to take another step toward making Nash Road industrial area between Cape Girardeau and Scott City into prime location for business and industry; by declaring area an enterprise zone, new and expanding businesses will receive tax breaks for locating in area; Scott City annexed portion of Nash Road property more than five years ago.

25 years ago: May 6, 1977

City fire department's newest pumper truck plunges down embankment near Sloans Creek bridge on Bend Road and may be damaged beyond repair; Fire Station No. 3 crew is responding to alarm of house fire at 504 Johnson, when driver loses control of truck while attempting to turn left on Bend Road from North West End Boulevard.

Cape Girardeau is about to become involved in another fight against federal government, this time on requirement that city participate in federally mandated unemployment compensation program for city employees; city is self-insured to provide laid-off city workers salary between jobs because, Mayor Howard C. Tooke says, "we have such a low incidence of unemployment."

50 years ago: May 6, 1952

Gasoline barges are still arriving at four big river terminals which supply most of gasoline for Cape Girardeau area, despite week-old strike of pipeline and refinery workers; officials of four terminals agree gasoline shortage won't be felt here unless strike drags on several weeks.

Appeal for lifting of rent control - power that rests with city - was voiced before city council yesterday; R.P. Smith and Stephen N. Limbaugh, lawyers, urged council to lift rent controls which have been effective in Cape Girardeau since 1946; two don't say whether they represent any individual or organizations.

75 years ago: May 6, 1927

Immediate financial aid from American Red Cross in emergency rehabilitation of Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois areas devastated by Mississippi River flood was virtually promised representatives of Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce, who conferred with district relief officials at Memphis Thursday; while definite promise wasn't forthcoming, because of lack of complete reports to Red Cross showing extend of flood damage, R.L. Dearmont and Julien Friant say indications for immediate relief are very bright.

Benton Bank of Benton, which has been liquidating for past four weeks, is closed by its board of directors and placed in hands of state finance department.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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