Sunday, May 5, 2002

Thanks for our coach

I WOULD like to thank the Scott City School Board. They have allowed us at Delta the pleasure of having one of the finest girls basketball coaches around. We love coach White. The Delta girls softball team is also lucky to have a coach who cares. Thank you coach Brown.

Mario info, please

MARIO WHITNEY, the Jackson speedster, is one of the fastest runners in the state. What are his fastest times and how do those times compare with the fastest times in the state and those nationally? He should probably receive more publicity regarding his track abilities.

His fastest time this season in the 100 meters was 10.2 seconds, based on results from hand-held stopwatches at a recent meet. The national record for that event is 10.13 seconds, according to Track &Field News. The state record was 10.3 seconds.

Thanks for track coverage

I APPRECIATE your coverage of the Southeast track meet this week. I know it's a big event for our community to host and I hope all our local athletes competing this weekend do well.

A new Braves coach?

DID SCOTT County Central hire its new boys' basketball coach yet? I've heard rumors but never saw anything in the papers.

Scott County Central hired former player Melvin Porter as its coach. A story appeared several weeks ago in the Southeast Missourian.

Longing for stats

I MISS seeing the baseball statistics in the paper for local schools. That was a nice feature you had before and it was a nice way to give the boys credit. I wish you still did that.

That was a popular feature that may return in the future.

Don't watch Tyson

I SAW Mike Tyson's comments from his press conference this week. He is disgusting and I can't believe somebody would pay money to see him fight. Would you help pay the salary of any other rapist like you do with Tyson? I hope not. I'd like to hear one person explain to me why they'd pay money to see this person do anything. He's a pathetic individual and anybody who would waste their time watching him should be ashamed.

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