Speak Out A 04/29/02

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Accepting globalization

THE FACT that the Southeast Missourian is running an article on globalization in 2002 shows how unwilling and unreceptive some people in Southeast Missouri can be to new cultures and ideas. The idea of globalization has been around for decades. Maybe Southeast Missouri is starting to accept this.

McCain, the Democrat

STRANGER THINGS have happened. Prepare for John McCain to run for president as a Democrat in 2004.

We're paying for it

NOTHING GIVES us the right to tell Israel what to do, said a Speak out caller. Maybe. But some would say $10 million in aid per day does.

Persuasive pork

THE PRESIDENT of the Cardinals baseball team stated this year was the last year they would ask for help in building the new ballpark in St. Louis. This ultimatum is merely a form of corporate coercion. One would wish this was a promise, not another threat designed to put pressure on the legislature. A state budget shortfall is forcing extreme measures this year: worker layoffs, increased college tuition and cutting of services. What is especially egregious about this situation is state Sen. Peter Kinder's comment that there are eight senators he believes are persuadable. And just what tool will be used to persuade? More pork for their districts? Where is all this money to persuade coming from?

Money for ballpark

I READ that the Missouri Legislature wants to increase my taxes to support MoDOT. Legislators say there is a shortage of funds and that citizen services will have to be cut, employees will be laid off, expenses will be cut and there will be no raises for state employees. In another article, the Cardinals gave an ultimatum to the state: either fund the new ballpark this year or St. Louis will lose the ball team. In the same article, state Sen. Peter Kinder says there are some other senators who are persuadable. How can he find the money for this project but cannot find money for needed services? This is insane.

Tax truck and fuel

THE MISSOURI Legislature wants to tax my shoes and my food to pay for highways. I say tax my truck and tax the gasoline I use if you want me to pay for highways.

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