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Saturday, April 27, 2002

Liberal drivel

I WAS appalled by the column about cloaking jurors in secrecy in the Saturday Missourian. If anyone has ever been associated with a criminal trial, you will know that a defense attorney is not interested in obtaining justice. A defense attorney is interested in manipulating the system to the best benefit for him and his client. With crime the way it is nowadays, I can't believe that anyone would serve on a jury trial for murder or any serious crimes unless their names could be confidential. I just can't believe that the Missourian would print such liberal drivel as this.

Taxing idea

I SEE where the mayor of Cape is wanting us to charge a tax on all the people who work in Cape and live outside the city limits. I've got a better idea. Why don't they just put a big fence around Cape Girardeau and put up a big sign and charge everybody 50 cents who drives through Cape from out of town. That way they can get their money, and nobody would go to Cape.

Need government help

THE MEDICAL profession is a little bit different than the days when it was $2 for an office visit. In those days, the doctors were servants. They were in it to be of service and for humanitarian reasons only. They weren't in it for the money like they are now. In those days, the doctor had an office over a drugstore or over a bank or else he had a house he converted into for his practice. Now doctors have big, beautiful medical buildings with fish aquariums, plants, fancy landscaping and office help for everything. It's a big business. But they don't want to take Medicare patients. We need the government to step in and have national health care. At one time, we didn't need government interference, but it's gotten too big and out of hand.

Obsolete plants

ON PAGE 44 of this week's U.S. News & World Report is an article "Power overplay." The subhead: "Surprise, last year's electricity shortages have turned into a glut of new generating plants." The article says many generating companies are having a hard time finding financing for their electric generator building projects. A major reason for this is on Page 33 of the May issue of "Popular Science." The Zero Emission Coal Alliance is developing an almost emission-free generating plant that will operate at 70 percent efficiency compared to 34 percent for current plants. This would make plants like the Kinder Morgan proposal not a good deal for anyone, particularly the taxpayers of Cape Girardeau County. Don't let Cape County be a sucker and back the foolish bonds.

The working poor

TO THE person who is sick and tired of hearing about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer: Get real. This person claims he makes a fair wage. A lot of these people don't make fair wages, if you call working for fast food fair wages. Ninety percent of the people who are working poor are hard-working people. Rich people get their money off the sweat of the poor.

A man to admire

I WOULD like to congratulate our new mayor. He is certainly an important man in our town. Another important man is the Rev. Gary Brothers. He has done so much for the young people. He could very well be a role model. Now if he could help them get somewhere for their skateboards, he would really be a hero. All other sports people have somewhere to go, but all the skateboarders see our signs saying "No skateboards allowed." I do not attend his church but do watch Brothers sometimes on TV. He tells it like it is. In my book, he is certainly one man to be admired.

Mysterious ways

SOMEONE SAID she couldn't feel the Holy Spirit moving because popcorn and soda were being sold at the Show Me Center during the evangelistic crusade. I disagree. The Lord moves in mysterious ways. Salvation is just as possible while sipping on a soft drink and scarfing down a big bag of popcorn as at any other time.

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