Letter to the Editor

Parents need time to raise, mentor children

Saturday, April 27, 2002

To the editor:

I am a concerned parent with two boys in the Oak Ridge school system. Last week the district announced it was going to extend the school day an extra 30 minutes so that students who are not doing well can catch up. I am opposed to this for several reasons.

I don't have enough time with all three of my boys as it is. It is not the school's job to be the parent. It is the job of those two people who gave life to a child to raise, love, mentor and teach him. By extending the school day, the school is punishing parents and children who are doing their jobs.

Another consideration is time of teachers and staff. Extending the school day takes time away from their families and friends.

How is going to school an extra 30 minutes going to help those who need help if they are not getting help at home? I thought after-school programs and reading night were for helping those who need help. And when will it stop? If a half-hour is added now, will another half-hour be added later?

I have always supported my school, but this is something I will fight. As parents, we need to stand up for our children. They grow up fast enough as it is. Take the time you have with them now and treasure it, and don't allow anyone to take that from you.

Be sure to return the school surveys and attend the PTO meeting at 7 p.m. May 7.


Oak Ridge, Mo.