Three workers at Lambert Airport charged with fake IDs

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

ST. LOUIS -- As part of a nationwide airport security sweep, three Lambert Airport workers were arrested and charged with using false information to get jobs and access, U.S. Attorney Ray Gruender said Tuesday.

All three -- Armando Florentino, Guillermo Garcia and Jairo Rios -- were arrested and charged with using false Social Security numbers to get jobs at Lambert.

The charges followed checks by local and federal authorities on more than 10,000 Lambert workers after Sept. 11, Gruender said.

"We have no reason to believe that these defendants were involved in any terrorist activity," Gruender said.

Florentino and Rios used Social Security numbers that had been assigned to others, and Garcia used an invalid number, Gruender spokeswoman, Jan Diltz said.

After Sept. 11, police at Lambert Airport in St. Louis asked all employees with badge security access to fill out a "badge revalidation form." Each form was checked along with information given when employment began, and the Social Security Administration verified numbers.

Of 10,517 forms checked from Lambert, Florentino, Garcia and Rios were the only three found to be using false numbers, Gruender said.

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